Traktor DJ iPad app by Native Instruments: Future Music hands-on first impressions

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FM open up the brand new NI Traktor DJ iPad app and take a look at it in action. We get some first impressions and check out the features and usability of the touch-screen iOS DJ app.


AussieSlayer says:
Sheikha Tiffanatic says:

What kind of songs does it have? Does it have a lot of songs? And can you
connect it to a keyboard??

Dan Brockbank says:

why aren’t there any tutorials (not that there fucking needs to be) on how
to cue properly without it carrying on playing underneath or choosing
whatever it reckons the first beat is? 

DJ Zeroum says:

Very good! I made sets using Traktor DJ app. It’s really cool!

Ian Smith says:

Great app let down by no continuous auto play function. Called cruise
control on main Traktor software. I wont be using until this simple
function is added. 

jesla83 says:

What is the intro song

jesla83 says:

What is the intro song

Neset Sozen says:
David Reiner says:

there is a controller wich is made for the ipad .. -> numark idj pro

Stephan Rus says:

there is no such possibility.

Andrew Stoeckley says:

Future Music is a great brand but they need to find someone much more
polished to do their videos.

Джонатан Берг says:


Denisceo Lockett says:

The filter is cool!!

desktorp says:

LOL.. tablets. Get some real gear.

why_be says:

nothing to be proud of

Joshua Z says:

For a music technology magazine the sound on this video is ridiculously
shit. Ever heard of direct in?

Sam Musaev says:

Touch “DJing” will never be the future.. People want buttons, knobs and
sliders, something solid and with a reliable feel, no DJ wants to work at
one small screen, with room for errors and mistakes reaching sky-high. And
don’t get me started on how ‘immature’ it makes you look like. Why do they
try to push this so badly? Focus on cheaper and more innovative hardware,
not apple apps.

Jef Liekens says:

Can u use this app with the Numark idj pro? Thanks

aaronUK2006 says:

Review was all over the place and can’t hear anything. Send it to ellaskins
to review on here!!

AmeDjLoryMC says:

Traktor ipad save the history?

Nick Gakis says:


yankee014 says:

Traktor Kontrol Z1

miamifamous says:

Welcome to the future. This is Awesome. If you are still using vinyl , why
not listen to your yellow Walkman as well? 😀

Okky Taufik Ridwan says:

u’ll have to connect it o itunes and sync your song from it. It works for me

TheMunch97 says:

But having an I Pad plugged in even if your just using it as an XY grid for
some FX seems like it would be helpful

eklyy says:

at this point for me is totally useless.

homar rossi says:

please what kind of splitter cable ( for use the cue ) i need to buy?

MrDumndum says:

there are also more effects if you pull down…

Hydravlik says:

Lags in app…

Anirudh Hari says:

DJTT Did a whole review in less than half the time you took. Got bored to
death trying to watch this.

Felix Crupo says:

Is it also for android ?

Andrew Mo says:


Nicholas Aylward says:

I’m assuming it looks at the energy of a track, as traktor 2 does ??

Brent B says:

Your videos are great. But this lock-off 20 min format drags a bit. It
would be cool to just do a 3-5 min breakdown of basic features. Perhaps
separate this into two parts. 1) a basic breakdown and then 2) an advanced
breakdown of features.

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