Tutorial: Music mixing for beginners: MAGIX Digital DJ (ENG)

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MAGIX Digital DJ turns your computer into a high-end DJ system! Whether you’re a DJ novice or a pro, this professional DJ software includes everything a DJ needs: virtual mixing desk, automix function, precise beat recognition and a preview function. Simply add songs directly from your iTunes® library or your hard drive to the DJ set and turn every party into an unforgettable event!


diego torres peña says:

ahemm te program doesn’t work because it says unrecognized OpenAl but idk
how to fix that

Bruttus Pruttus says:

German language is perverted lol

Reema Baghdadi says:

cool, i am downloading the program, its so exiting! did you create the
program or you’re just teaching people on how to use it? thanks 🙂

MAGIX says:

Hello, Unfortunately this is not possible. Best regards, Oliver | MAGIX

justin94block says:

Where can I download songs, so I can put it on my digital dj pro?

MAGIX says:

@PyramidProductions00 Hi, we don’t have a pro version of this software.
Seems like you have some different software? 😛

runny hernandez says:

this is the program im looking for

John lopez says:

could you save your mix to an mp3 file ?

TheRunescapetalker says:

is it freee?

Nagh Patrick says:

Can I save my mix?

Sulkhan Chargeishvili says:

How can i save my edit music ? ??

Jedan Zagorac says:

need help i downloaded the program instaled and program runs but when i
click play button music won’t play pls help :/

ANGELO13111 says:

this is basically Deckadance from Image-Line.

nihon94b . says:

I am Magix user and I think after this DJ Magix should make VJ. Dank

GAZTIG says:

i really like this product but theres no playable demo of it out there, i
like to try before i buy . i dont want to fork out forty quid for it and
find its not for me.

kobe bt says:

where can i get a song with just beat that goes hard

Yoann P. says:

just like deckadance

MAGIX says:

Hello, No, you misunderstood me. It is not possible to cut the voice off
the beat. If you just have the voice you can place it on other beats, that
yould be possible. Best regards, Oliver | MAGIX

MAGIX says:

@ilovejj125 Hello, the easiest way to import your music from iTunes is to
1. Export your iTunes playlist (as an .xml) and 2. Import the .xml (.txt
work as well) in Digital DJ using the “Load Playlist” button in the center
of the software. For single song import the following file formats are
being supported: .wav, .ogg and .mp3. Best regards, Andreas | MAGIX

Isak Durmic says:

what is better this or virtual dj pro?

Ace Garcia says:

Just bought this

MAGIX says:

@Ltlor916 Hello, MAGIX Digital DJ is mainly used for creating playlists and
playing music. I think MAGIX Samplitude Producer will fulfill your needs in
music production way better. It is also great for recording music and
vocals. Check out the video: /watch?v=tjQuz0KD6t0 Best regards, Andreas |

DJChasez says:

People who have no skills can use it. There are much better programms as
this. It’s for idiots -.-‘

Mariedelle Velasco says:

I know this is a silly question… but I’ll ask anyhow: So a Magix Digitial
Dj program does not need a USB MIDI DJ Mixer Controller like the Torq? And
which is better? A Torq digital dj program or the Magix? Thanks!

Ltee Lor says:

@wwwmagixcom aye can you record from audacity or other types of sofware and
fix the vocals on Magix digital DJ???

MrSammySamsonite says:

Can I record and save my mixes into my own mp3’s?

MAGIX says:

Hello, Unfortunately it only works with Windows. Best regards, Oliver |

KBMHouse says:

kann es sein das der übergang fader von deckdance abgeschaut ist?

ilovejj125 says:

@wwwmagixcom How do you import the music from iTunes ?

fialoe says:

I have brought all my music across from iTunes but only some will drag and
drop which is really annoying. All my good music wont go and the rest will
– at least that is they way it seems. Why is this?

MAGIX says:

Hello, If you have the a cappella version, yes. Otherwise it is not
possible. Best regards, Oliver | MAGIX

rsca is god says:

@pfcmurphy3 i tunes is gay bro download it from youtube and it will work

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