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Basic Music Video Mixing with Virtual DJ Pro. Automix feature, and more..


flavio guzman says:

Hi hello I’m in a problem I deleted my virtual Dj when I was trying to
upgrade for virtual 8 and I know is expensive to get pro 7 what should I do
help!! / oh I had pro 7 series and I don’t know what to once again help!!

flavio guzman says:


eddie11224 says:

hi djadvise , just wanted to let you know ,this is what i was looking for,4
a min,but $300,for dj software is alot when serato scratch live,&
rekordbox are free, now they charge for a video upgrade

James Griffith says:

I plan to purchase SSD’s for my desktop, would you agree this would keep
Virtual DJ from being choppy also?

eddie11224 says:

by the way i love the video

djfrankis says:

Awesome Video! I Love to Video Mix!

DJAdvise says:

MP4 is what most of what all of the VJs that I know use! It’s a great
format! 🙂

Mario Gayoso Noguerol says:

@DJAdvise thanx! im a vdj from peru maybe you can see some of my videos
search for imdjmar user!

Martin Fuchs says:

sry what the names of the 3 songs

DJAdvise says:

@jaynerald Hey thanks, for that info Jay, appreciated! 🙂

DJAdvise says:

Just turn off my voice and you should be good! LOL 🙂

DJAdvise says:

@aftashok1 K Bro!

jaynerald ignacio says:

can i know what kind of video format that you used for your videos? it is

aljaza66 says:

GUYS..! am using Virtual DJ pro crack hehehe!

DJAdvise says:

@Th3Utuber If you purchased any MIDI with the LE version, you can upgrade
for around $150 US Dollars, go to VDJ website for more info! Hope this was
helpful? Mauro 🙂

DJAdvise says:

While I can, there are plenty of great You Tube videos, that already show
you how? So I really don’t need too! But if I have some time I will? Thanks
for the comments 🙂

Jasper Ibe says:

i’d have more respect for VDJ (or any other computer based dj program), if
they removed the “Automix” or “sync” option. Why deprive people the chance
to learn and beatmix?

DJAdvise says:

@jasperibe Agreed, just an case of DJ melt down it’s there, or In case of
peemergency! lol, Thanks for the comment Jasper. 🙂

DJAdvise says:

@djfrankis Thanks again for your comments, and support. 🙂

Mario Gayoso Noguerol says:

nice video! where can i download the videoremixes?

DJAdvise says:

Not sure’ but you might want to go the Virtual DJ Site for help on that?
Sorry but I can’t help with out knowing how you have your VDJ configured
and what your running it with? Really sorry I couldn’t be more help!

boempa says:

Thanks for the video! This is exactly what I was looking for, as with vj
software I couldn’t time it right (DJ and VJ are different software). This
will at least look more natural (plus no hassle of switching between VJ and
DJ all the time, more creativity time for the DJ’ing.

DJAdvise says:

Remember, your not hooking up Virtual DJ to a TV, or projector! Your
hooking up the PC/Lap top to the projector, or TV! 🙂

flh8 says:

Hello, Where do you get your videos? Thank You, flh

DJAdvise says:

Thanks’ Your welcome glad you like it! 🙂

DJAdvise says:

You can! 🙂

naveen sharma says:

Mauro – you were going to do a video on why VDJ with video mixing gets
locked up sometime…

DJAdvise says:

@djtbone I know there is a program, check out Brain S Redds videos, he
mention, a great one that he uses, See the link on my YouTube page to
Brains YouTube page, under Brian TV! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Dex doh says:

can u save ur mix and burn it to dvd?

manny bravo says:

Hey bro i have the free basic version of dj virtual and when you play a
video a screan pops up of the video right.. and you cant make it big only
on the pro version.. .. you cant extend it!! HELP!!!

DJAdvise says:

@TheMrjoea To be continued? Thanks

Th3Utuber says:

How much does it cost to upgrade to vdj pro form vdj le

DJAdvise says:

@flh8 Able to download them for free, from the Netsearch feature, on
Virtual DJ Pro! You need to know, not all videos are the same quality! So
make sure, to check out sound, and video, before you start to download! If
it will not let you down load music video, there’s still is a way,you can
record it on Virtual DJ, as a video file, if you know how to use all the
features! The best advise, is to buy the Pro version, and never use a crack
version, if you want it to down load videos? Good Luck! 🙂

Drum4Chops88 says:

i just got the video mixing virtual dj i cant get the screen to show the
video alone its showing the mixer how do set it up PLEASE !!

dimas aji says:

to much talk

DJAdvise says:

@madmoocows I would, because you will eventually want to use all the cool
features that the LE version does not have. Since you have the VMS4, they
should give you an up grade, for half the price you would normally pay?
Hope you consider? Thanks 🙂

DJAdvise says:

Just hit the sync button! LOL 🙂

DJAdvise says:

@naveen4nse Couple more then I will address your comment Naveen. 🙂

DJAdvise says:

Well, I could, but I think you could that work yourself! Just go to the top
of this post, on the You Tube browser, and type in your search! It’s that
easy! Good Luck 🙂

DJAdvise says:

@DJDeadzs Yes it works the same way for videos, just as long as the beats,
and the video have good intro? I suggest using the strobe, or double window
transition! Just preview the auto mix to see how it mixes,and change it up,
if you don’t like how it is mixing the video. I suggest getting the remixed
video versions of the songs, better intros, and effects. Good lucj, and
thanks for the comment! 🙂

DJDeadzs says:

Hi Advise. . I have been asked to DJ at the local bar, and to be honest if
I get caught in a tight spot I will want / need to use the automix function
on the pro 7 edition . . How can I get to use this and also can I work it
just the same as it ‘ automixes ‘ video’s ?. . and also if I add ambient
video’s to the MP3’s for each ‘ deck ‘ do I have to work them both together
or will the automix function do this for me when one completes its
transition from the other ‘ deck ‘ ?? ` Very kind Regards

Edwin Campos says:

how do i set up just to show the video on the tv or monitor like you have
it.let me know thanks

DJAdvise says:

Wow! Can’t believe how long ago this was! It’s a brand new world now! 🙂

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