vMix – HD Video Mixing Software Demonstration

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http://www.vmix.com.au/ This video demonstrates some of the features of vMix 2010, including HD video playback and alpha channel overlays.


Steven Winkley says:

I bought the vmix HD edition and was sent a serial number, a few weeks
after my harddrive died.. is there anyway to recover the serial number?

Marcelo Strapasson says:

Como faz para fazer o choma key no vmix8 galera me ajudem por favor??????

tiagoventura7 says:

@cardifilm, did you try the software? before speaking you should have a
little more consideration for the work of serious people. maybe you still
need vmix the future …

cardifilm says:

Your video tells me nothing. A curser flipping around, clicking video here
and there. Annoying music. Get a voice there to explain to us idiots what
wonderful things this product does.

tiagoventura7 says:

@FIZZTRIX here`s my opinion… you have more support at vmix forum, some
more softwares makes the same thing like vmix BUT if you realy want a great
final result, in recording and streaming, with low cpu usage vmix is your
sollution (and i`m not talking about the good support that developer gives
to the software…) so try another software and you will see the same
conclusion like me.

Brendan Wragge says:

I am a DJ. After losing countless hours with inadequate software I finally
found the #1 software for beat creation ever. please go to my channel to
find a link I posted for this software


@tiagoventura7 Ok thanks, im looking for a program with more transition
effects. Ive mastered Sony Vegas for years now and i want to try new
transition effects, do you know if vMix has many effects? Lookup –> “Video
mixing tutorials – sony vegas – dj matrix” thats my video tutorial video i
did, if vMix can do more effects then my video then il DL this program.
Cheers dude!

Majid khan M says:

majid khan 9747775557

Anderson Springs says:

Another thing , I wish it had a mier that would have input buttons much
like a real studio switcher…as in Tricaster, Vidblaster, AVTake, and a
few more……That would really add a more pro feeling to it…I would
remove the colour bars from the top of the modules, and replace them with a
small round or square icon that would change colour when selected..just a
small icon in either the center or a corner….but it is a truely great

topbunkvideo says:

So I’ve spent many hours over the last two months learning Vidblaster,
Wirecast, and vMix. I decided to go with vMix for many reasons which I will
not list at this time. The good thing is that vMix, like the other two
software switchers mentioned, allows you to download and install the trial
version, but vMix is the only one with no water marks whatsoever. Download
this software and try it. I will try to upload a video that shows more of
this amazing sofware’s capabilities.

03456720971 says:

my vmix its not work no open any file whats a problem?

Hernel Latty says:

Does Vmix have a CG where you can scroll text on output source. This is
where I have hang ups.

Girolgol says:

esse video e sem criatividade

smtxtv says:

Very Cool ! I’ve been waiting for the Blackmagic ATEM television studio to
be released, but I have a hard client deadline to meet, and this seems like
it might work as an alternative solution. I wish I had known about this a
year ago.


@tiagoventura7 No he’s correct because i too am wondering what is going on
here and this video doesnt explain whats going on in the scenes and i wanna
know how i can enjoy this software. So now this video makes me want to go
find another software or program to try.

vmixcomau says:

Please visit forums.vmix.com.au for any help regarding vMix

tiagoventura7 says:

@FIZZTRIX the strong point in vmix is not the effects… but you can try
ArKaos GrandVJ.

Eduardo Sandoval Azocar says:


38ocin says:

serial nummer pleas keys

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