5 Crucial Settings in Traktor Pro 2

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Ean’s going through the Traktor Preferences window and taking us on a tour of what the most critical, need-to-know settings are for anyone DJing with Traktor Pro 2.

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Brent Strathdee says:

Ive just started with Traktor and in the process of setting my cue points –
but Ive found that I cant set a cue point thats not in line with the grid,
it keeps setting the cue to the nearest line – how can I set the cue points
manually by sight/sound? 

ThisNameIsTaken says:

I need help
Yesterday i fucked around with the settings and now i cant load any song to
A deck, but everything else is working. Also if i use mouse to load the
song, the filters dont work.

djtavi77 says:

quick question I’m having a ton of problems with tk2 collection giving me
errors on every song I want to play saying is corrupted or missing or can’t
be played, I know my music is all good cause I buy it from promo only so
corrupted? don’t think so… I’m using tk 2.6.8 and didn’t have this
problem before with other versions so i’m thinking in going back to maybe
2.6 or something… any tips on this one? got 2 parties this week and
can’tdj like this… contacting NI is impossible takes for ever any help
would appreciate thanks!

Leo Salvador says:

Thanks for the tips!

Graeme Westhorpe says:

Awesome tips. Thanks! Auto gain FTW!

burntrobot says:

Thanks man. Very informative. Cheers on your anniversary too!

ROLi djXtraordinar says:

I LOOOOOOOOOVE my TRAKTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jean Kesley says:

guys can someone tell me how to to place s4 in MIDI moDE TO USE WITH FLOW

Daniel Louis says:

Tnx dude, like your style!
Greetings from Amsterdam!

Mirela Mariana says:

Hi, Can you help me plzzzzzzzzzz: I can’t add anymore songs in my Traktor,
cuz somebody at work did some settings,,,and now I can’t make any changes
in adding or deleting songs .Thanks a lot

Shane Robbins says:

Good stuff Ean.

dj panther says:

thanks for the tips they helped out a lot.however I have a problem with my
tracks skipping and jumping.I’m using scratch pro 2.any tips on how to fix
this issue?

Benjie Lualhati says:

i’m new with Traktor, i have been trying to play some music but there are
other music that i could not play with Traktor. then if i tried again to
play it, Traktor crashes…why???pls help

Carlyle Fernandes says:

using traktor pro 2 – dont have the “set autogain” to get same volume on 2
how to do in traktor pro 2, version 2.6?

dj panther says:

thanks for the tips they helped out a lot.however I have a problem with my
tracks skipping and jumping.I’m using scratch pro 2.any tips on how to fix
this issue?

rustofat3000 says:

THANKYOUUU….incredibly helpful

dta1974 says:

Very nice. I have seen it a couple of times over the last two months.

Ruben Gad Pinkus says:

whats song are on the background

E.J. Guerrero says:

What’s that launchpad he’s using? I can’t find it anywhere!

Deejay Chefkaly says:


Dj ROCKIT says:

And you get fired, unless it’s a Dubstep party!
Dope vid!

8thlvlMage says:

What a great video! 😀 I love how much you enjoy yourself!

manuel balladares says:

dude great info …….wanna go home and try it….thx

Jonjon kno says:

Hey man great video… Now i have a problem with my traktor pro, its about
the pitch that without touching it on traktor S2, it jumps on the program,
it moves a lot, making the beatmatching impossible… Help me pls

Blake Kirby says:

Really glad you posted this.

ginitoTV says:

Great video, keep it up!

OldSkoolDJFX says:

Great vid. I can’t change the latency and I’m stuck on 20? Any idea?

Eftixios Giorgallis says:

Whats going on with the waves form?? I have the same problem 

chaz carrasco says:

midi fighter

true cowboy says:

what is the machine that he is using called

Gary Williams says:

Hello, just installed pro 2 and seen this vid, i noticed I dont have the
option to set autogain when loading track, i simply have enable
autogain!!!! which doesnt seem to work at all, any ideas??

Owen Pidcock says:

I never understood why you don’t just set latency to 0. Can someone tell me
why please?

Carly Menard says:

Thank u!

Byron says:

I don’t know what to do. I got Traktor 2.0.1 runnin on a laptop with win7
ultimate, dual core proc, and 4Gb ram DDR3, with the lastest drivers
installed. I use my traktor with timecode CD via an Audio 4DJ and a Kontrol
X1, both with the lastest drivers from NI. Few weeks ago in a party,
Traktor stopped playing 1 second and continued. That started to happen more
and more frequently. I tried with different latencies, configurations of
windows. A friend told me to install Traktor 1.4. I’ve done it too, and
always the same issue. Can someone help me?

dankav4 says:

thanks man, great vid! very handy info

Rhys von Groening says:

Ean’s going through the Traktor Preferences window :::: 5 Crucial Settings
in Traktor Pro 2:

muayche says:

love this tutorials

Tyler Robertson says:

DJ Jesus does some pretty sick tutorials. Good tips!

EmotionRadio says:

Thanks for the vids. Can you please do a video explaining the EQ Selection
and Filter Selection area under the Mixer settings window? Thank you!

May Tox says:

hey ean!! I have a question regarding the newest versions of traktor that
don’t have in the preferences the option of choosing what type of sync we
want to use. What to do to see what type is on? How to change that?

iamstd2 says:


Scotti Dee says:

Dont mind a 5 day video if it helps me with everything i need to know about
Tracktor, Question is are you up for it Ean ! lol Great vids dude, have
alot of them saved for when i need help. Keep up the good work !

Benny Mackney says:

Loading only into stopped deck LOADING ONLY INTO STOPPED DECK THIS IS THE

sonnyk58 says:

thanx ur knowledge is appreciated

shaolinki says:

Some really use full shit big thumbs up!!!!!

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