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Learn how to transition smoothly when DJing in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.

So there are so many different ways to transition from one record to the next: you can use cues, you can use sound effects. I’m about to actually give you an example of using a sound effect to transition from one record to the next. I have a Reggae record on my right deck, like a hip-hop-, R&B-type track on my left deck. OK, I’m going to start with the right deck, a Reggae song. So that was an example of using an echo or delay as a transition, to transition from the reggae record to the R&B hip-hop track. So many ways of doing that, so many different effects that you can use, you can, you know, flange, whatever effects you want to use. There’s even customizable effects that you can actually tweak yourself, you know, and save the settings. You can also use sound effects, which I like to use as well, horns, there might be some vocal drops that I can use as a transition, like if I’m DJ’ing for an internet radio show, and I’m playing a hip-hop set, I might want to use a vocal drop of someone saying my name: “You’re listening to DJ DP One, on whatever show,” and then it’ll just transition into the next song. Or sometimes, I might want to just stop the music completely, and play a sample of something to get the crowd, you know, revved up or whatever, and then I’ll just segue or transition into the next song. So, there’s so many ways to go about it, you know. The golden rule is to just keep it as smooth as possible so it’s not an abrupt change.


subterraa says:

records are off key the transition is fuckin awful the records are not
coherant with one another the energy level was taken away the minute the
transition occured i seriously wonder what planet half of u djs live
on…… 99% of you are fuckin terrible yet u seem to think ur good i
wonder sometimes if half if you even have an ear cause i hear shit thats
sounds awful as plain as day ………this was the weakest example ive ever
seen i swear some of u are only in it for the image and dont have a fuckin
ounce of actual talent.
all bling bling but no real musical ability whatsoever.

leo sugiyama says:

So Sad

Fuckkrem says:

Wow. These lessons are fricken useless. That transition was horrible.

seBastiENN Newey says:


DJ Ba Bore says:


Mark Sargeant says:

I’m nearly 50yo, allways liked bounce, house and trance. I’m just getting
in to Dj, n or the decks. Call it Wat u want but to me it’s makin music but
this guy is just a bellend.

Marcko Dee Jay says:


Keith Jaxson says:

This is why it is important to pass middle school. 

Mark Sargeant says:

I’m nearly 50yo, allways liked bounce, house and trance. I’m just getting
in to Dj, n or the decks. Call it Wat u want but to me it’s makin music but
this guy is just a bellend.

Eduardo Portillo says:

one side is lower than the other . Nice Reggae song though .

Christopher Jensen says:

This was pointless. 

Airy Ellis says:

huh? lol

101razorsharp says:

doesn’t even explain what he is doing

darmanat says:

My Grandma can do better than that!

Heartofadracky says:

How many times can I dislike this this shit?

RoscoeVision says:

Do you even mix? Dj 1 Tip.

Dale Sprott says:

Demo 1 tip only

Evan Mass says:

This guys a radio Dj…

MrThugStylz says:

what is the raggae song please

Dj Nesi says:

Which brand is that headphone?

Carlos Ramirez says:

you look so douchey

PhilosBias2000 says:

Man I been waiting 4 you for a while now bra…thanks for new dj’s its
crucial that these basics are understood with djing and transitions to be
more specific so I thank you and hope to hear more from you

TheSkt1413 says:


simonburnsful says:

that was one tip not 6 wtf and the tip was shit

TheLexusMusic says:

he was finding the right point

battlefeildrecruit says:

AWW YEA!! A traktor commercial to go with this vid. AWESOME!


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far. (*.*)/

FrOsTyBeArKiD says:


djlush82 says:

lmao there was a transition?

Mac Joseph says:

Thats right! he is truelly a pro!!

skrillexx11896 says:

who is this guy??

ibarroski says:

Bro … it would sound much better if you were mixing in the same KEY!

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