British Actor Danny Dyer’s DJ Tips (18+)

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East London actor and legendary personality Danny Dyer popped into Point Blank to give us some tips on DJing. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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Micheal O Thailtigh says:

The sound effects are the best!

BootinTroopsinPutin says:

packet maayyyte

HIND C says:

He is Eenglish man, From London, It’s a cockney accent. (:

Julie Mcgrail says:

I have watched this countless times and it still makes me laugh he’s so
funny and talented love this man LEGEND

Oscar Abdullah says:

saw a video of him dj’ing. he looks coked out and shouts down the mic “im a
little bit off my fucking nut”.

Matt Black says:

Bet Dannys had a few “crabs scratching” in his time

kulchaproductionstv says:

Bring on EastEnders!. Check out my Top 3 Djing Tips by Subject 13 aka Mr
Lefteye. Thanks for the support

Sam Walthers says:

Moff is a dj? Holly awesome shit

Jamal Trimmer says:

playing with knifes – bizzare inc

SlemPekens says:

Dont really care about what anyone says about him. He’s a laugh, he’s not
pretending to be some great DJ that knows everything. Take it for what it
is. Human Traffic and The Business are great films that wouldnt be no where
near as good if he wasnt in them. General legend in my eyes.

hojdog says:

British cockney accent

Zombiemistro1 says:

This dude has a funny accent is he half jamacian?

Eck says:

he’s a proper hardnut like init bruv.

Stu mcgrew says:

That was funny fair play!

Darrin H says:

Bizzare inc – Playing with knives

DJ NDK 88 says:

whats the name of the beat in the background? lol

Jamal Trimmer says:

woops didnt even see ur comment lool

Joseph Watts says:

Gotta give it to Danny he is a funny cunt

Harmonic Vibrations says:

If anyone thought he was being serious in this video than you’re all a
bunch of twats! Clearly he was taking the piss!!!

scoty123123 says:

what a mug

Sam Walthers says:

before you all give him crap for being a shit dj, you should watch a film
by the name of human traffic. He contributed more to the scene as an actor
than most djs could hope for

teddy36912 says:

Is that man being paid to laugh at him?

demasdestruction says:

He acknowledges that he is a shit DJ, give the guy a break

Sam Walthers says:


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