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Another super rare UK hip hop tune from the vaults for all you hip hop heads out there….


dexorcist says:

my favourite uk hip hop tune ever… had this album stolen off me years ago
and am now struggling to get it again as its 200 quid on discogs and cant
afford that sort of money nice one for the upload

slothmandela says:

awsome tune i got me his album. is it worth a bit?

No More Music By Bokkiebeh says:

Just got myself a copy of this by accident..what a great tune! Great
compilation all together! But this is probably the best one on the comp.

kevzero11 says:

Superb track,used too have the album….bugger.

PG023 says:

love this one, thanks

pollardmark says:

That album is well hard to get hold of… great rap.. Never Try The
Hippodrome Id Rather Check A Tin Can lol….. CONTROL.

slothmandela says:

me got this tune on vynil fucking awsome

happygino says:

Great album – HARD CORE 1 – still have mine 🙂

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