DJ tips and tricks #1: bring a tune out with an echo

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this is the 1st in a possible series of video on DJing tips and trick.

video 1: how to use an echo to bring out a track. (this one)

the tunes in the video, in order of how you hear them are:

1: Tommy knocker – change is coming.

2: Roni size – out of breath .

just for information the echo effect number on the DJX750 is: 5.0 set to 89 (BPM)
thanks for watching.


Mushy says:

thanks for the tips 

Christian Villalobos says:

get to the point

Pierce Sunders says:

“feels like does too much technical stuff” pfft, that makes you a boss!


Nice tip!

187onaPigeon says:

Thanks Ashton Kutcher!

BBBDubb says:

I feel like some of the best DJ’s on YouTube are from the UK.

BBBDubb says:

I like how he farts throughout the entire video. 

DeeJaySoftware says:

out of breath is a choon !

dta1974 says:

Very good my friend.

Thanks for such a great tip.

Albin Clern says:

74 000´th viewer!!!

Sheri S. says:

Great video! And I laughed when I actually saw the moth fly across the
camera shot, lol. But good job with the info. It was very helpful to me.
Keep up the good work!

SpazzJazz Music says:

beautiful set up.

DJDunner D says:

hey what would be the best decks and speaker for me because im starting off
sound 🙂

viperfrank says:

@metroid557 Sure, no problem, just working on the new lot of videos at the
moment, and this is one of them. nice one!!!

Luka Diklić says:

This is literaly what i needed, nice explanation.. tnx man, keep on rockin’

Junior Valdez says:

You can do this with digital controllers right o; not just vinyls PLEASE
REPLY !!!! I wanna kno if the DDJ – Ergo can do this /.

viperfrank says:

@mxo1210 thank you, yeah i love vinyl, don’t get me wrong i love the
convenience of the whole MP3 thing, but you can beat the control and the
reliability of good old vinyl. thanks for your comment. nice one!!!

DjAddictek007 says:

this was pretty good man well i have been a dj for a while an dwell i only
use like cd and a laptop so i got some turntables there are a geminis 600
and i wana learn more tips so i can mix the tracks reall good i was
wondering if u can help me how can u mix songs clearly thank u

J.D. CrabDragon says:

Do you have a vid showing how to hook up the the mixer to a pc or mac and
how to use that type of set up?

Mike Mckeon says:

not gonna complain about your sexy complexion

nick nuvamsa says:

How do I get a hold of the guy who is in these videos, I have a couple
questions, please email me when your available

fleetwoodsucks says:

Dude its you, Lift up them floor boards and nail them down or use talc
powder or whatevers best and do a video on fixing squaky floor boards

viperfrank says:

@leagibson No problem, thank you for your comment and feedback. I will try
to get my stuff sorted out and get some more videos up soon. thanks again.
nice one!!!

viperfrank says:

@TheUnCTRLable Thank you, I’m glad you like the video, I will hopefully
have some more up soon. Thanks again for your comment. nice one!!!

Marek Ja says:

I didnt know when u changed it ; D Nice 😉 Thanks ; )

Swindel says:

You should stop listening to dirty dutch, that’s the first thing.

GridlockEvents says:

hey cool trick. gotta try that some time.

viperfrank says:

@xKRAYZ13JOK3Rx Damn it, I thought I got away with it. Nice One ; )

gegenheimer1 says:

More light in a Point. Your door is nice but i want see your turntable.
Thanks, it is great. Thanks

thejuice32 says:

LOL, that is him farting. Wow, you keep things so neat. I’m jealous of
that. Anyway, I already know how to do that. If you do it right it can
really be cool, especially when you have just a beat coming in. I do mine
with a loop and fade. LOL, both of the songs sound alike. I find it funny
that so many guys, me included keep their x-box near by. THis is a long
video to teach something so simple. I’m bailing.

Layawoof The Son says:

That’s awesome! 😀

oldcharon says:

Good stuff man. Ive been DJing a long time but this is the first time ive
seen this. Just goes to show you can always learn new stuff no matter how
long youve been doing it.

viperfrank says:

@steve702 thank you, I’m glad you like the video and I hope to get some
more videos up soon, thank you for your feed back, I never thought I could
be much of a teacher but I quite enjoy it now. thanks again for your
comment. nice one!!!

percy mack says:

you seem like a cool guy – thanks buddy. good advice

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