DJ Tips – Creating a Build to the Beat Drop

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DJ Cdub shows you the basics of building a beat up to the drop using the Pioneer DDJ SX Controller. Please rate and subscribe! Enjoy!

Comments says:

New subscriber here i like your style and technique great job are you guy’s
in Massachusetts from DJ Rocky Atlanta Music DJ

911unleashed says:

Hi, i was wondering if this type of build would be done on the pioneer ddi
sb as i have not bought it yet.
Great and helpful video by the way

Jason Gallagher says:

I DON’T Care WHO Dislikes this DJ! I have seen and heard LOTS of Mixes, and
I can NOW Look at those Other (SO CALLED DJ’s ) And say.. This guy is THEE
Best I have heard. I am STILL Waiting for “DJ Cdub to Make another Mix with
Rob Base and DJ Easy Rocks HIT SONG, IT TAKES TWO ! Master!!! Of them all
in my eyes.. I plead to you and Once again ASKING for you to Mix a Few More
of those Crazy Mixes that I LOVE. HIT IT!!!! I HAVE Done signed up to your
Subscription with Grace. I hope you can get around to do this for ONE OF
YOUR True Subscribers. Thanks . P.S . I have clicked on to be UP DATED
when NEW Videos are place up on here. Can You throw a few of them on your
U Tube for everyone and I ? Peace DJ Cdub.

Maria Cruz says:

I think you did a good job.

Clarence Frazier says:

nice video!!! do you know of the music charts for edm

sandeep patharkar says:

v good

DJ Kawon says:

The two tracks must be in the same note to sound ok.

Chalopagus says:

Extremely helpful, I’m on an SR but it will translate over easily thank you

InTheMixStudios says:

Sounds more like a dancefloor kill. The beats are just noise! This is
where i see dancers look at each other and head for the bar

Stereoscopic | GFX says:

you didnt need the hpf, you couldnt even hear it…

Jackson Metaform says:

Dude, you are amazing. I’m new to DJ, and you’ve helped me out a LOT. You
have a great talent, and thank you for sharing it with all of us! 

pouremilee says:

thks for these tips bro…

Ambientity M. says:

this dude….. thinks bars and beats are the same thing… such no.

InTheMixStudios says:

Just being honest. Plus two very diff songs = Pop vs EDM not always the
best thing

Ironlion NLinCS says:

Cool clip
Well explained

iLoveDJcdub says:

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