DJ Tips: How To Create Amazing Build Ups (Pt 1: Beat Rolls)

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The full article will be published monday @ Dj TechTools


Gonzalo Torchetti says:

who can explain me why the fuck the movements of his hands after pressing a

Konrad Brennan says:

Hi! I am a beginner dj. I have a Pioneer WeGo, which I bought to help
practice basic skills and mixing. Im now looking for something that will
help take my mixes to the next level. Currently just considering adding a
Tracktor F1 to my WeGo so that I have greater control over effects. Could
anyone suggest a good all-in-one controller / mixer + controller combo? I
am a student so budget is limited, but am willing to save up if considered
to be completely worth it. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Trey Verkuilen says:

Did anyone else notice the COLLECTION of equipment behind him?? I like it

Diego Renteria says:

What is the name (s) of his whole set? 

Trey Verkuilen says:

1:00 dat Flux Pavilion Cracks! :D. <3

doomlemush says:

and you guy pay 50 dollars to see that shit on a stage ?? this is not
auto beatmatching with programs is for fake ass fag dj.

Charles Lwanga says:

MIDI fighter looks very flexible and dynamic. Finding the F1’s too

Andrew Cosby says:

Serato is what?

AussieSlayer says:
Elwin Staal says:

how can i achieve these techniques without puking over my controlpad ?

Matthew Nash says:

fuckin robot farts, shite!!!!

iiWanT3D says:

Can i do that only with a laptop and without any sort of dj equipment?

Ashley Bean says:

What is your set up??? please tell mere! need to get the same!

JustinIsBossLike says:

Second song is cracks

Bpm Supreme says:

Sick !

22calum22 says:

whats your set up?

Mos1ey says:

Fucking awful taste in music.

Nicholas Pratt says:

What two Midi Fighters are those

Bunuel C says:

buildups are so 2009…

Mark Matthew Brewster says:

I wanna try this someday but I have no idea yet about it.

faisal sharaiha says:

guys please tell me whats the track that has the haro in it i need it

hotmoma57 says:

He looks like jared leto

DeepFriedBass says:

dang,i need to get myself a midi controller for serato!

mostepic1 says:

It’s called performance. It also assists in timing and the emotion being

C1rcut says:

Just taught me more in 5 minute then hours of other videos have shown me:D

Marc Morgan says:

I’d say the ddj Ergo

DJSinan says:

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO is a fair price and really easy to use 🙂

Cole Lange says:

I DJ for weddings of 300+ people using a Hercules RMX… Bro, you’re golden.

DJ EVOL says:

nooo numark mixtrack pro 2…

aWeededSumo says:

can someone tell me what kit he was using in this video by any chance? im
new to DJing and the stuff he was using looked and sounded pretty good

Peter Sigaev says:

Pioneer released some cheap controller recently, take a look at it (google
a bit)

MundaneTask says:

Yup- its Cracks, by Flux P 🙂

thecizzle123 says:

although i see where you are coming from, and being a user of 1210s and
CDJs… and equipment evolves just like styles do….without
evolution we will never progress. and with the equipment we have today,
bringing back some old school detroit house and using new technology is
awesome, gives the retro shit a new feel

ismaeel619 says:

Wtf this music is terrible and so is his DJ set….

cris555000 says:

I want people’s honest opinion on what they think of the songs i mixed
using clubcreate, maybe im good or then again maybe not lol, if you guys
can, just check out my songs, i know my best one is “fighting soul”, Thank
you guys!

Atlas Sevensins says:

Mine is 2 denon s3500’s, a gemini ps626x mixer and a maya USB audio
interface into my laptop.

rkorvdslam says:


Ethen Lizee says:

its all usb and internal sounds……..

Rayane Kara says:

traktor pro ! you’re welcome 🙂

dkahs says:

look for dj tech tools midi fighter

DJ Citius says:

he used midi fighter pros and the mixer looks like rane, the software if im
not mistaken is traktor pro 2 and the smaples and such not sure

Nick Jay says:

The dubstep sounding song is Hot Fuzz by Obsidian

Hot 1000 Forever says:

Then create your own video. Better yet take your skills get your name blown
up, make people care about you and your opinion and change things yourself.
Otherwise sit your ass down. One things for sure, guys are getting paid
more than ever and its all thanks to the new jacks not throwbacks. Have a
good day truck.

Ethen Lizee says:

so all the knobs hes twisting does it all within the software & he doesn’t
need any RCA outs because he is recording internally for the video. Do some
research on your shit b4 you flaunt it. Thanks.

Bull Dawg says:

Ima go try this shyt RIGHT NOW! lol THanks!

Samuel Verkempynck says:

what’s the name of the first song ??

Brendan Sanna says:

Get a numark mixtrack pro, great controller for new Dj’s

Neal Caffrey says:

I feel as though if I heard that beatmash roll in a continuous mix i’d
kinda be thrown off…best left to short live performances methinks.
Filters are cool though those I can dig.

kigconker says:

It’s a habit, if the’re preforming or practicing most djs do it. I find
myself doing it when I’m adjusting my fucking radio.

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