DJ Tips – how to make your own laptop stand

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The Song is…Ida Corr “Let me think about it”

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DJ MobileTips had an idea to build my own dj laptop stand and thanks to mattkent08 was able to make it possible for a fraction of the cost of buying something similar for a whole lot more. Thanks Matt!

please note: I do not live on the mainland and shipping via UPS which most retailers use put buying a premade laptop stand out of my reach. This video shows an alternative to paying outrageous shipping costs!

the song playing in the background is from ida corr vs. freddie le grand ” let me think about it “

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TheDonCalderone says:

This is awesome!!!!! I been shopping for a stand for my Maschine and they
are so bloody expensive… this is EXACTLY what I need. THANK YOU SO
MUCH!!!!! Dont listen to these other muppets they’re obviously not
musicians (no doubt that will raise a few heckles too!) …. I love haters,
they keep reminding me not to spend too much time trolling on the internet.
Get a life peoples! If you don’t like it, go somewhere else!!!

Alex Esca says:

Don’t be cheap kid , a good quality laptop stand cost $30 dollars ,,,,,,,,,
awful video from another stupid kid …… 

4x4Productionz says:

cool. u can also put small rubber things on the bottom so it wont move so

Jose Santana says:

this is really good I just need one particularly for my car.I’m not sure
how that would work with the making it stable part..

Estevan Palasquesea says:

Thanks …good tips again..

mario sandoval says:

You are wonderful thank you for sharing this

Karel Olaerts says:

Great video! I like it, maybe a bit too high but i’m sure it works well :)

Reblegamer 5GT says:

i had these pieces for a long time! and when i found this vid i realized
that i dont have to buy one 🙂 i save
money this way poeple!!! dont be hatefull, i like the stand to

TheDonCalderone says:

Just need to figure out a way to bend that top L Bracket down so you get
the accessible angle going on… neighbours got a vice… all g!

Anthony Miller says:

This is cool, I should try this!

Shawn Akumalla says:

you must be a shitty dj if you use beats studios

TheDonCalderone says:

Looks sturdy too

matt matthew says:

This is hilarious.

Mark Barrios says:

keep up the good work! Great ideal, some people just don’t get it! That’s
why they have to talk smack, they lack imitation.

Damon Melendez says:


Gardy Faustin says:

nice…but look heavy as shit

Odile Ds says:

MADDDDDDD !!!! Thanks

jr Martinez says:

That looks expensive , a dj laptop stand cost only 40$ , all those parts on
this vid are pricey. Its cheaper to buy one.

danagettothechoppa says:


Juan Castillo says:

Thanks for the video. Very cool stuff.

Eddie Matos says:

great work!! think i might build me one now lol

Mike Tropixx says:

shot a lot (y) gonna try that this weekend

psaris7 says:

nicely done BUT im pretty sure that your hard drive will die the next 1-2
months because of the vibrations 🙁 dj’s stands are made with materials
that prevent the vibrations to reach the laptop

Віталій Сайко says:

Привіт з України)
Твоя робота супер!!

Ethan4599 says:

That’s what she said

salfirebird92 says:

i like your idea but ill keep my crane stand is well worth the money

waukeeson says:

that stand looks a lot more stable than my name brand store bought stand.
Keep on doing your thing. DJ DRE OLskool

Marco Jaguar says:


tbmproductionsdj1 says:

Nice! Good D.I.Y. stand.

Dejay Anorexic says:

Hi DJ Fifth5element…thank-you for posting this video. I love the finished

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