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My main source for music (DJ pools). List in the description.

A lot of people ask me where I get my music from and my main source is DJ pools. I’m currently subscribed to Franchise Record Pool, but I’m looking into other DJ pools.

I’m going to make a list of all the DJ pools (below) and I would like you to help me out. If you are subscribed to a DJ pool please share the info in the comments. Let us know why you chose that DJ pool and also share if there are things you don’t like about that DJ pool. Be sure to add the pricing info so I can put that info in the list as well.

Most DJ pools are only for DJ’s so you may have to answer some questions about where you play to become a member.

THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! I will add links and pricing info asap (plus some pro’s and cons if I get that info). Please share your info to make this a complete list.

– BPM Supreme. 19,99 per month.

– Crate Connect. $19,99 per month.

– Digital DJ Pool. $12,- per month ($1,- for a 5 day trial)

– Digiwaxx. Free

– DJ City. $30,- per month.

– DJ Service Pack. Free?

– Franchise Record Pool. $19,99,- per month. http://www.franchiserecordpool.comb

– iDJ. $50,- per month.

– Latenight Record Pool. $47,- per month

– LMP Record Pool. For full access you need to subscribe for 1 year ($350,-)

– My MP3 Pool. $19,95 per month.

– Promo Only. Specific bundles and packages from $12,- to $100,- per month

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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djTLMtv says:

@Jamal Sam I do get soundcloud links sometimes and a lot of DJ’s and
artists do upload free tracks on soundcloud, but it can’t be compared to a
DJ pool

djTLMtv says:

I see a lot of new comments. I will update the list in the description in
the next couple of days. Thanks for all the input! 

djTLMtv says:

Thanks for the comments. I see that a lot of people use the same pools. I
will update the list in the info box tomorrow and add some more pools and

rank ten says:

how often do you buy vinyl still?

4x4Productionz says:

is it illegal to get music from youtube

rank ten says:

you should upload some of your sets that you play… I’m courious

micklo1 (DJ Variety) says:

DMS. Direct Music Services record pool. They are very pricey, but I like
them a lot. Starter $29.95 gets you 40 downloads per month. Then the
service gets more outrageously pricey. But I’ve been using DMS for two
years now.

Andre Henrique Buss says:

Thanks for the video.
Any tips for DJ Pools with 70s/80s/90s songs? :)

Michiel Prak says:

I usually use youtube music promo channels like MrSuicideSheep (EDM),
OneChilled Panda (laid back lounge EDM/pop, also same owner as
suicidesheep) and Suicidesheep (free EDM). In addition to that I am
subscribed to Selected (relaxed house) and LiquidMusick (liquid drum & bass
& liquid dubstep). Besides that I am subscribed to a LOT of underground
hiphop channels/labels/artists like Jeff Turner, Strange Music and
Rhymesayers Entertainment. All these channels have their own type of music
which makes it easy to make cohesive playlists (on yt) and then I use
Freemake Video Downloader to download the entire playlist. This way my
music catologue is split by key/feel/genre automatically which saves a lot
of time. Finally this way of gathering music makes it easy to find new
stuff as you only need to check your subscriptions. I advise all channels
above to anyone as the music is often really experimental and offers a lot
of bits too sample/incorporate in a mix (prime example Vanderway – Early on

DJ Krowbar says:

I have looked for pools that do Christian music… Do you know of any or a
DJ who does Christian music that you can hook me up with… Hola back.

Howard Anderson says:

anybody have a good pool for industrial / ebm?

DJ Takin' It Back says:

TLM what is the user name for the twitter channels for the blogs that you
get the new promotions from?

Jeremy Telman says:

I’ve been browsing the comments but I haven’t seen the one my dj company
uses it’s pricy at about $50.00 a month for unlimited but it
has one of the best music/genre selections I have found yet. Everything
from rock to minimal 

Marc Doudin says:

Hi TLM. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Really dig most of your videos,
keep up the good work.

DJ Papi ATL says:

lmp record pool has a lot of selection best way to go is 1yr subscription.

Jamal Sam says:

Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out. .. What do you think about audio
technica turntables? I’m Thinking about getting a pair

DJ Izzay says:

yo T! what up with the tutorial on making a video for the video compilation
of people scratching? 

Roberto Garcia says:

BreakzRus has great DJ edits, classic edits for about $29.99

TheMikeMatias says:

Any free dj pools ?

stamprost says:

I don’t do digital (yet), any advice for me? Thanks.

Chillos100 says:

thnx TLM, you the best!

mixit313 says:

I’m looking for pools that specialize in Classic House (The good deep
Chicago, Detroit, New York 90s and back) and Gospel? Any knowledge anyone?

Đức Anh Dương says:

hello DJ TLM, I am in Vietnam and I find difficulty in finding music
sources. My English is not good so it is quite hard to analyze the comments
to take out the good source of music that meet my needs. I actually looking
for original mixes of top 40 and 8bars intro added into rnb and hiphop
songs. Could you please give me some advice directly to this comment? I’d
really appreciate it. btw if you reply can you give me suggestions that is
easy to access from vietnam? I know it is hard for you to tell but in case
you know useful stuff for me 😀 thank you

P.A.N.D.A. says:

I use Promo only, videotoolz and ultimix. Also download from beatport 

Martin Saldivar says:

Any good pools for wedding dj’s I was using club killers @ 10 bucks a month
but it doesn’t let you download no more

George Olivo says:

I have large collection of Latin music and have started to Dj at a lot
party around my campus. I know I’m starting and I know my mix sucks right
now. I was wondering if there’s any tip on Latin genres, like Salsa,
Bachata, Merengue, and Reggeaton. I just need some help going from one
genre to another. 

Emilio Faim says:

cool pioneer ddj sz 🙂 cool !

lukasz romanowski says:

I’m using promo only, cool, but pissing me off when they put this same
track 2-3-4 times :(

D0CT0RS0UL says:

Dope advices, Bro ! Respect to the architect ! Peace & Music from Paris

Dj Genius says:

what is the best pool for reggae/dancehall?

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