DJ Tips – Transitions The Beat Drop & Using FXs

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In today’s DJ tips, we demonstrate one way to transition into the beat drop while using effects. Please subscribe to my channel and enjoy!


Mario Pollio says:

That sounded fantastic, very nice! I have the same controller to, I love it

Anita Montalbano says:

I’m new at djing and I’m glad I found you, I have the DDJ-SX and am
learning as I go. This was a great tip. Please keep them coming. I have a
question how do you take request for songs you don’t have? Also a friend of
mine asked me to dj her wedding and I said yes (she wounld’t take no for an
answer) I’m good with music but need a quick tip on dropping in the next
song. Help!!!!! She knows I’m new at this and just wants music played. Thx

Shay Dimer says:

what sampler pack u have? iv been looking for some decent ones but dont
want to waste money on crap ;/

Sean Sandusky says:

excuse me but i just got the ddj-sx, how do you get the platter to light
like that and how you set the ddj-sx to stop (dragout) like when you hit
the play pause button?


What kind of turning table and mixer are you using

pouremilee says:

nice demonstration. that helps. But the humming and buzzin noise is
distracting. Where did you get your effect from?

Nino Sazon says:

Very smooth transition.. Nice!

ollidayhh says:

Video Sound is terrible

NHParadox says:

how’d u set the mixer to play the other song when just pausing the other
track? for an EXACT drop where you want it?

Wes Reis says:

OMG the feedback in the audio good god?! lol

Mac Joseph says:

Kool but we dj without samples like air horn

joseph layoun says:

how do i get the samples on?

Linda Pham says:

That was dope. Thanks for sharing!

John Balducci says:

To clarify NHParadox’s question, are you only pausing the right track and
the left is automatically playing or are you hitting play on the left side
as well. Your hand is cut off.

Marco Salce says:

Great vid. Just a quick question Where do I get fx from?

8o8Vide0troller says:

that was a killer example

iLoveDJcdub says:

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