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In this clip DJ Kenya shows you 4 styles of song transitions that are essential for any DJ to know and master.

Learn how to DJ at Spin Academy! Spin Academy is an online DJ and music producing school where you learn from the worlds best DJ’s. We feature video tutorials on everything there is to know about DJ’ing; whether you are just starting out or you want to produce your own tracks, Spin Academy is your one stop shop.

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Antraxx714 says:

Hey i dj for a living, and this guy sucks balls, i would recommended
ellaskins tips since thats a dj i kind of look up to, he has good LEGIT
tips.. Look at his old videos i havent watched his channel for a while now
but yeah good luck noobs! XD

JesajaQ says:


Patrickman65 Roblox says:

What name is that song at first?!?!?!

Markis Stack says:

lol you suck noob.

DeeJaySoftware says:

could be better

Carlos Montero Ortiz says:

you’re good!… jerk 🙂 

Eric Weinstein says:

I must say….reading these comments about “deejaying” these days is quite
amusing. The world is truly fucked. DJ’s can’t even get along even though
they have a passion for the same art form. Unbelievable. All these vinyl
purists talking trash about the digital age. Keep in mind that this exact
same “fear of technology” idea has been happening since technology has been
around. Nothing new. People always find reasons to fear change. I’m sure
that when the electric guitar was first created, there were many people
that didn’t like it at first. Same old shit. 

Kiên Hoàng says:

what is the 2nd song on the left ?

Eric Weinstein says:


Eric Weinstein says:

DJ Craze will murder your ass in seconds and he admitted to using sync
button when using Traktor. LoL. I’m sure he’s a wack ass poser too. 

New Born Fam says:

Well done son

Electronic Music Songs says:

Nice use of transitions here. 

Eric Weinstein says:

Wow….that just came out his mouth. He’s calling every DJ in the world
that uses a controller and/or CDJ’s a poser? You’ve got a lot to learn and
it shows because of your ignorance. 

D.J. EDP says:


Eric Weinstein says:

Correction….Novation dicers are mini midi controllers. Look it up. 

Leroy Dingle says:

How I love the Spinn Back

Hunter Holt says:

great tips thanks much

Eric Weinstein says:

+1 on this response to someone who believes they are “the bomb.” 

Joshua Buen says:

whats song u
in the right at first?

8o8Vide0troller says:

lol he fucked up on the cutting

Eric Weinstein says:

Just because you prefer to use vinyl doesn’t make you a better DJ. Just
because you use Serato, Traktor, CDJ’s, or live programming doesn’t make
you a better DJ either. I started on vinyl in 1996 and I still love records
and I respect any and all DJ’s that play vinyl these days. But I don’t talk
trash about vinyl DJ’s. Even the one’s who claim they are “better” because
they rock it the old school way. Unless you are playing for a “vinyl
culture” crowd, which is very rare these days, nobody gives a shit if
you’re playing vinyl or not. On the other hand, what people do care about
is if you can make them dance. Vinyl or Serato doesn’t teach you how to
mix. That is the creative part that no software will ever be able to do for
you. That is what makes a great DJ aside from track selection.

As far as sync is concerned, well that is a different topic all together. I
personally don’t care for it and Serato Scratch Live doesn’t have it
anyway. Traktor and the new Serato DJ do. I don’t care to use it.

Just because I use Serato doesn’t make you a better DJ than me & vice
versa. Leave that decision up to the crowd you are playing for. Mixmaster
Mike, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5, DJ Craze….all
these dudes are all veteran DJ’s and they ALL USE SSL. They don’t talk
trash about people that are using controllers, vinyl, etc. It’s not about
the format, it’s about how you execute your craft and rock the fucking
crowd. Period.

Stop hating on others thinking that you are the shit because you spin
vinyl. I know a lot of guys like that personally and every one of them
can’t spin for shit. We’re all doing this for the love of music and passion
for the art of deejaying. And by the way, you can’t use Dicers using vinyl
so obviously you do use Serato. 

Zino Lknitri says:

Nice,thank you ;)

Suzanne Dubovoy says:

This helped…thanks!

Mama mAma says:

awesome job

Joshua Buen says:

whats the song in left ?

Warwick Potgieter says:

Do your self a favour “dj” listen to “words from the gang from Coone.”

krewsey2 says:

Really enjoyed this vid. Cheers

trentonx says:

thanks for the tips

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