Dj Tutorial, A trick to throw in during the mix.

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This is a subtle way of changing the best in the mix, all you do is start the secont song/toon on the off beat. toon to the right is Inaya Day ” shout it out”


MV says:

You did the world a favour with your tutorials.
Interesting, well explained and always a joy to watch.

Nagender Naik says:

when you do that using cue on cdj 200.Will the 2 songs bpm remain same?

Jacob Black says:

@james deal,, baby the platter my man, every four seconds give the slow one
a nudge forward or vice versa

tagiiiiil says:

cool hat

elcuernito1 says:

I agree you’re the best A+ !

theemperorofdarkness says:

por el acento si te das cuenta es ingles… tiesto apesta

Jasper4lif3 says:

What is the best genre to ‘throw’ into the mix like u say in the video?

Eric says:

Thanks for the trick!

AjinGaming says:

I see you have tried many dj-sets! 😀 Witch of the pioneer cd-players do
you like the most? 🙂

John Riordon says:

Practice and Enjoy… Who are you, BrianSRedd?

papyg7 says:

what was the name of the two songs

mjmobile8 says:

are those for sale?;)

shamferna says:

tnx man… great helper fr starters… notn hidden… thumbs up!


thank you for sharing your knowledge in mixing that was awesome buddy..
great!!! more power to you

rav3death says:

damn CAT shirt like a boss haha

Diogo Cavalheiro says:

dude, you are awesome 😀 hehe

pamelahotti says:

hi i want to buy some turntables. I am between denon dns 1200 and pioneer
cdj 200 wich one would you recomend me

xrlGames says:

is that your hair? hahaha

Deekay says:

you have the best hats.

dashtk says:

Good trick that. I’m sure I’ve heard it done before, but never occured to
me what with using vinyl not CDs.

paul f says:

Come on all bedroom dj’s kicking back commenting oh yeah but this is all
all too obvious ? ellaskins man u make it look EASY ! it took me a couple
of years on my technics to throw in a choon like u demonstrate sooo yeah
bruv ….big up ….lool . QUBERT RULES ! MIXMASTER MIKE TOO ( but your
doing a service mr j 4 the begginners xx

Luka Bago says:

Great tips! However, can you give any tips on mixing tracks with no intro?
For example: The track Motto by Drake starts right into the lyrics and has
no intro beat… Have any tips how to implement those tracks smoothly into
your mixes?

MrJellyFace says:

beast !!

gazzomuso1235 says:

@ebmdude Noooooooo don’t do it. They are really basic probably too basic.
I’m pretty sure they don’t play mp3s either.

Aldrin Villanueva says:

Thanks man! enjoy watching you!


u r realy the best man!!!!!!!!!!!

Noll Kontroll says:

nice hat.

Stan Derksen says:

@dash0202 A Pioneer, dunno exactly which one. DJM-350 or something I

awshot says:

Ive been practicing mixing with a software called VirtualDJ, but I’d love
to have actual equipment 🙂

realaroukatos says:

very helpful!thnx

Luke Lukee says:


conerio2 says:

hahahahahah “practice and enjoy.. Hmmm”

LUCKY4908 says:

why the fuck people paying attention to non-sense stupid thing? why just
pay attention to the topic…..@##@#$@% grrrrr

drewoi89 says:

you have like a million videos, and your pretty damn good at djing.. so how
the hell are you not like a world famous DJ?

Marvin bang bang says:

practice and enjoy mmmmmmmmm!

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