Djing Session – Progressive / Electro House – Practice Session

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One thing you should always do as a DJ, is get in the habit of recording your practice sessions. I always do this. I decided to upload one of my practice sessions for you guys to check out, so you can see all the mistakes, blunders, etc. But also see some of the good things I do.

I also tried to mount the camera in a more ideal spot. Sorry about some of the shaking.

Keep in mind this is not a showcase, this is a practice session. So I tend to use effects a lot more while practicing so I can see where effects are good and are bad.

Couple of things I know you are going to ask so I will clarify.
How come you tend to grab knobs and not turn them? Especially after transitions?
This is a mental checklist I go through in my head to make sure effects aren’t turned on, EQ’s are set right, Gains are good, crossfaders are in the right spot etc. by touching the area, im mentally checking that section off. If something is wrong in the area, I can quickly make an adjustment. A lot of times if you are fast enough, people won’t notice.

Is that your voice at the beginning?

Any of this planned out?
The first two songs, then I just go from there, using stuff on the fly. Nothing was planned after the first two tracks that were loaded in the CDJ’s

How did you do X?
Post a comment, I’ll do my best to try to answer.


RT787 says:

Awesome mixing! That Taylor Swift sure was a surprise!

Hunter Butler says:

I like your sound.

Simran Bajwa says:

Whats the Taylor swift remix called?

ModiFyOfficial says:

it went from get started to its dark

Doom Guy says:

Honestly the best genre to learn to dj with is drum and bass…its how i
learned to dj and because of its pacing and beat style it sets you up for
alot of underground genres and once your brain is trained to deal with more
complex style of beats all this kinda music gets almost too easy and never
feels like a challenge. But then you get caught in a cycle of only mixing
underground music to the point that u start mixing music no one wants to

gav man says:

at like 0.45 it sounds like get skyrim

Daniel Pratdesaba says:

Good mix dude !

Doom Guy says:

I love when djs arent actually doing anything but just pretend to be doing
something. LOL. The whole aspect of being a dj is just knowing what the
audience doesnt i guess for the majority of people they just dont
understand what everything on a mixer does. God dam flangers ruin the songs
so much lol i mean its a pretty decent set but its all the same genre and
such a simple genre at that try blending different genres or try to do cuts
in and out of genres try even changing your bass notes every 4-8 bars to
really get into the mix of things. Because just knowing alot of the songs
that were played in the set all i see u doing playing a song over another
one and not alot of looping yet your hands are still moving when u really
arent doing anything and just waiting for a place to drop the next song. 

MrGogocad says:

Good mixing dude. I like it :)

Mojo Jojo says:

I love boobs

Cristian Abel says:

Amazing that’s all I can say right now

Jéff Conwi says:

Thanks for the video! I learned some good things from this.

Raynel Gonzalez says:

Djing Session – Progressive / Electro House – Practice Session

Teun van den Brink says:

very usefull! awesome vid

superwindex says:

god i cant wait till i start makeing some real money so i can do what i now
love is djing but shits expensive

Brandon Lehron says:

Is it a DJM-800?

Sandy Koong says:

Want to learn how to Dj but i dont even know half the knobs are for except
the faders, volume, loop buttons, tempo sync, pitch and playback controls.

dj madjik says:

@bil609 thanks! and yep you’re right… just cross compared photos. lol

Ryan Baril says:

Hey man, your videos have helped me a lot.. wondering if you’d give me your
opinion of this mix I made? Thanks! soundcloud .

bil609 says:

@majikle pretty sure its the djm 800

DJLunarImpact says:

I can’t even tell where your mic is plugged in. I see that it isn’t in the
mic plug on the top of the mixer.

Nutsac Parachute says:

Can you list some of your gear?

Ryan Baril says:

@hazeion Thanks for leaving it up.. reassuring to see a dj I have learned a
lot from mess up once in a while too :p

tegardas says:

what is the name of the track which starts at 4:47 ???

Mike LaVercombe says:

good stuff man.. really helpfull for beginner djs… how long you been
dj’in ?

Dharmendra Acharya says:

Dude, you have the best DJ vids and tutorials. Your explanations and
answers are spot on. Thank you. Glad to subscribe !!!

BIIGE79 says:

@hazeion can u post some tutorials for beginner djs?

Kelvin Lee says:

Wow this was actually fun to watch and listen to which is rare for a lot of
mix vids. i love it. thumbs up.

dj madjik says:

what mixer is this?

maitreverge says:

Good stuff (Pioneer <3 ), good work, good music 😀 What else 🙂

deexica says:

jak można tak obciąć kawałek?11:27 dno!

Ramone Robertson says:

quantised loops is probably the best thing on the 2000s

DJMilk3y says:

very nice ^.^ enjoyed it

bluex217 says:

faders ARE the volume, each channel has one, the three knobs low is bass
mid is usually vocals high is for those crisp clicks. The best advice I got
when I started out was to mix with the equalizers NOT the volume faders,
that’s how you really mix and blend songs well and make it sound good

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