Haze ioN DJ Tip: Filter Techniques During Build-Ups

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I’m BAAAAACK! In this video I show you how to properly use your filter. I go over some Do’s and Dont’s and also show you other effects that go along well with the filter to add another layer to your djing.


DjBaapreB says:

Thanks! Very informative :)

Daniel Feldman says:

Please dont call Delay, echo

Connor Dandashi says:

I think he means “Trans”-port

Braedon Naelitz says:

That’s like a $6,000 set-up. Totally jelly

reynardo singh says:

dude thanks 

Tinu says:

Amazing techniques! You helped me a lot thanks!

along4ride says:

thanks man!!

Derek Howard says:

I know this is aimed at “djs” but as a listener, I love hearing everything
nearly disappear under a hp filter… and I mean…I fukin’ love it (just
not on every song) !!! And if I could point out a contradiction (and a
damned awful one at that….)
: you said “you don’t wanna ‘take the song away’; there’s often already hp
in the buildup; etc” well you know what??? I’ve heard SO MANY producers
songs that do just what you demand djs SHOULDN’T do, which is present empty
space or silence right before everything comes back during the climax. This
is found in EVERY style of music, and its called “A REST”. They occur all
through out the song, too, and if you pay attention to them its easy to
realize that these rests are partly responsible for instilling the need to
dance or move or bob your head. Try producing a dance track without any
rests and see how a crowd reacts.

Tautar Pearce says:

Awsome good tips 

Jedel says:

5:49 “You’re like Djing, you’re like: Yeah!, i will turn this knob and i
want the people see my elbow going way sideways because that look like i’m
doing something cool” xD

HellSong001 says:

I’m glad I learned how to tweak my elbow properly. Lol. J.k! Good info man!
Keep it up!

Angel Recinos says:

this great friend and olle much you cost me that pioneer pordrias desir

ChampionWolfe says:

great tutorial, thanks!

Wil de gans says:

Watch out with the echo! Don’t let the bass get tooo hard. It can blow your

Ryan Ortiz says:

tweak that elbow. haha

dj migsy o says:

i would apprecia a lot if you could plz tell me how to record it my mixing
i got cdj 2000 +900 and djm 700. thank u.

Stin eldo says:

great tips!!!

T8official8T says:

I just started DJ’ing a few months ago and i’m with u on the too wet part.
Sometimes, I find where the effect sounds the best in parameters, then
engage the effect. Not so much on build up’s though

MisterDeeAre says:

What is the song that you load momentarily at 06:33 ?

willbarine says:

Nice gear man!

andy2k says:

great video ! =D

sickpuppy4o20o1 says:

Just shitting on laptops man… harsh

nilay patel says:

It’s transformer

limeyamos says:

@richie2011stud yeah screw this guy for taking the time show people how to
do cool shit, and then taking the time to actually show them how to do it.

hazeion says:

@MrTfresh7 Fedde La Grand – Autosave

sneekz says:

@Norway4everAndEver Jaimie Fanatic – Losing Control (Shameboy Remix)

DjMondo14 says:

You are nice at what u do…have u made it out there yet???

Officialfust says:

DJM 800

djyash says:

ahah nice one i do reverb on my crapy behringer djx700 and the filter on
the cdj400 and sounds good 2! thanks for the advices

Elephunk Ghost says:

Very useful info, thanks for the vid!!

Mike Gose says:

Fedde Le Grand.


hey dude i use alot off over loops and filters… i only have a xion iq
computer system. what would you recomend for an upgrade. i really need more
nobs to turn. but im a beginer sooooo idk.

yourthebhoy says:

nice one, glad i subscribed.

Bryan Tran says:

Welcome back 🙂 Great vid!

DoggyFangz29 says:

When he was talkin about the filters and he said ‘There’s no need to turn
it ALL the way down.’ I literally yelled EXACTLY at the computer screen XD.

Ismail Varachia says:

Gonna be doing my first set next week. I’ll be playing to 300 people. Any
tips on how to cover myself if I make a mistake? Like pushing the “stop”
button? etc.

DJMilk3y says:

thanks again! keep them coming love them

sneekz says:

@chewbaccarules South bay

derelictjunky says:

what genera are the songs used in this video?

Jason Larsen says:

Great tutorials, super helpful for getting started. Thanks!

Hans Lust says:

Fedde Le Grand – Autosave

Ethan Marsh says:

Sick man ! sweet decks

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