Haze ioN DJing Tip #1 – Using Loops and Build-Ups in Transitions

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This DJ tutorial shows you how to use loops and build-ups together to make for some really cool transitions in your set. This is in response to questions questions I got after my TenMinMix submission.

This is the first video in the series. Please pass this along if you find it useful.

I apologize for the muffled mic. I was using my headphones as a mic. I’ll correct it in the next video.

Check out my TenMinMix here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guS61ZZjxts

Hope you Enjoy!


Harvin Raj says:

how to make your own build-up in a song ?

Anton Travis says:

Dat shirt tho…Lol love it, but great video!

iBlackphone says:


Nil Mykhils says:

nice one… thanks so much, it’s pretty much helpful… 

NuWi says:

thx bro. helped me alot. keep that up. 

DjBaapreB says:


ArseyXD says:

Very well explained, I’ve been looking for a clearly laid out video
explaining the ins and outs of basic DJing and this is exactly what I was
looking for.

Perfect for beginners who don’t know where to start. Well done man and keep
bringing out new videos to help more people like myself :)

TheWinterDrake says:

Super helpful!! ♥

Andrew Lampa says:

thank you! very helpful!

Ian Donaldson says:

great video man, step by step awesome

Kettupaini says:

So helpful! I have had some problems when I started to mix songs. Now I can
understand that it’s not so difficult to build-up 😀

So thx to you Haze! :)

Josh Leland says:


Bpm Supreme says:

thanks man dope video ! 

Ashwin D. says:

my god this is what ive been looking for, thank you so much!

Marevie Tepora says:

Good job! I’m trying that tomorrow lol 

Christian Whitelaw says:

Great Video! This is a very effective build up technique that i use
frequently to create added tension in my drops but the issue i have is that
just filtering out the track being loop rolled leaves the drop feeling a
little thin after so much build up. In some cases I have started using a
subtle delay out at the end of my filter sweep to preserve a portion of the
original track in the drop. it seems to be more settling to the ears and
not as blunt as a transition. Just something to consider and play with!

eQuiLLity says:

What are the songs used?

VirtueVsEvil says:

You sir, are ok. Did any of you’ll notice that Haze ioN is using his
headphones as a mic? Dude respect your tools. Sell one of the many speakers
you trip over & buy a mic. But thanks for the smiles 🙂

Lanky009 says:

amazing tutorial, is this possible to do on a hercules rmx?

kass4lyfe17 says:

Great tutorial man. I am a beginner DJ and this helped me out a lot! Very
cool & keep up the good work!

Lanky009 says:

do i need to beatmatch the second song that is coming in cause i am trying
it when there is no beat being played on the build up


it would be nice to hear what is shit about it. just wondering.

eduardo cordova says:

very nice mix man helps a lot !

OCDlosp says:

If anyone can answer thatd be cool. He uses the filter nob on his fancy
deck that he uses to make an awesome drop. I dont have a fancy deck so I
lack that knob. I was wondering if anyone using virtual dj pro can tell me
if i can use the digital knob that says filter under it and is it a certain
filter effect because when i tried turning the knob it was a different
sound not like the build ups that most djs do. thanks

MrTwe3k says:

can’t wait to give this a shot. thus far my mixing lacks stlye more than
anything. GREAT TIP!! cant wait to see more.

Russell Rutter says:

nice choice and drop.

TheDjBoesen says:

So damn cool. Really helped me!

T8official8T says:

I notice he went from high to low with his hp/lp filter. That can make a
big difference with certain songs.

Dave Plummer says:

Best transition demonstration I’ve found on youtube so far. Props mate

porsche200471 says:

P.S. Can’t wait to get decks. In the absence of them can you tell me where
the tracks are stored on your set up if you don’t use a laptop? Cheers

Bryan Tran says:

Great video, keep it up

Bruno Garibay says:

Yeah, once you know the music and get used to the phrasing you can just
feeeeel the drop coming!!

Andrés Villegas says:

Por fin un buen tutorial… Thanks

fury1nc says:

Super good tutorial. I picked this up pretty fast and played around with
other tracks underneath the I Remember track. The Knas track is hard
though. Love it.

lttledvl27 says:

great video. i just recently got into djing about a week or so ago and from
watching your videos im learg s much. im using a numark total control
controller but at least its a start. keep up the good work and ill def be
looking for new videos.

Joseph Shestko says:

Hey man, thanks for the tips! Check out my mixes? 😀

aguafiesta69 says:

one inquiry: so if you don’t have hot cues available what are other methods
of “remembering” where certain build ups/drops begin? memorize them?

GrouEEf says:

i would have loved you to smack in “remember” once more to finish the
phrase just before dropping the second track, that´s what i always do since
i often do doubledrops using intro and break. either way, great tutorial,
great setup! big upz, practise and enjoy!

Dominic Refka says:

Hey man you are very good with tutorials, Simple language, effective video.
I don’t use CDN’s but i think i can apply this to my numarks. Thank you!!!
Keep making these helpful videos!

MrFlipsterN says:

You say it like it looks, knas. Or maybe more like knaas, which means like
weird in english. Something is “knas”.

Kevin Lee says:

hey man sick vid! I was just curious, how do you have two channels set up
for one song? I have a midi controller, ddjsx, and I don’t think I can set
up a 2 part beat like you did.

xzist says:

yo isnt i remember from deadmau5?

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