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Hip Hop Mix 2013 – Dj XS presents funked up old school hip hop grooves and nu soul vibes for a new Hip Hop Mix 2013 – 100% Hip Hop Mix.

Dj XS Hip Hop & Soul Mix 2013 – Download and stay up to date via my facebook page – http://on.fb.me/16oEYyx
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Hip Hop Mix 2013 – Smooth chilled out old school hip hop edits and remixes alongside some sexy nu soul sounds. Kick back, relax, turn it up and get the head nodding.

Dj XS keeping the funky vibes strong in 2014 mixing up the best in deep house, hip hop, funk & nu disco for your listening pleasure!

Dj XS Hip Hop Mix Tracklisting
1. La Melodia – Chemisty – Working On It (Working On It)
2. Cool Million feat Jeniqua – Making Love (Robss Urbanized Mix)
3. Cunnie Williams – Can I Rock (Original)
4. Dj MBuso, Sboniso Dlada – Bazamile (Original Mix)
5. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push (Kartell Mix)
6. Jeru the Damaja v Manuel Bundy – Playin Ya Jazz
7. Notorious Big – Party And Bullshit (Dj Prime Get Along Remix)
8. Blackstreet – No Diggity (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
9. Jay-Z vs. Zhane – Hey DJ Change Clothes (DJ Price Mash-Up)
10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Ghettos Of The Mind (Freqnik & WDRE Remix)
11. Prince Pimms & General Tack – Bad Influence
12. Das EFX – They Want EFX (JM Jackmaster Re-edit)
13. Brand Nubian – Dont Let It G To Your Head (Late Knight Re-funk)
14. Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff (BadboE Edit)
15. Artifacts – Art of Facts (Late Knight Re-Funk)
16. Timmy Vegas – Feel The Music (Departure Lounge Remix)
17. Umbo feat Goran Schmidt – Sunday Jam

Dj XS is a London based Dj playing anything funky from deep house, lounge, nu disco through to old school hip hop & funk grooves.

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– Put the music to good use and get fit and funky with London’s favourite running club – http://goo.gl/TKjAFS
Dj XS Hip Hop Mix 2013 – Funked & Jazzy Hip Hop Mix


skobywan kenobi says:

Great mix mate. Keep it up.

Ben Fisher says:

Much Love

idklolnow says:

I was craving for this kind of music

Silvener says:

Hey man, you got any other mix like this?
So dope!!

Julio Ramirez says:

Fresh and Dope!! Keep the mixes rolling!!

jacy santos says:

Song good

Bratko krivokapič says:


Edmund Herrera says:

I am feeling the vibe….that 1st track is fire! digging your style Dj XS

Coundpig FFZ says:

Does he has Soundcloud ??

MrTommytits says:

Very good, but a hip hop jazz mix isn’t complete without a nujabes track 

Timothy Bukumunhe says:

The best!!!!! Cant get enough!!! Kampala, Uganda is now rocking! 

GaboEntertainment says:

This music has soul

Rico Fundz Suave says:

What’s the first tune? Need the beat!!!

Lukas Holinka says:

Great mix, man!

Jonathan Exequiel Muñoz Pereira says:

Ya sabes puro style

sideration says:

yesssssss yes yes yes

Luis Alejandro Montoya Cano says:

muy bueno te felicito , que canción es el minuto 8 : 42

T. DeJean says:

Cool. Love the mix.

Glen Wankin says:

Dude this really rocks…luv ur art!!!

Filosopha says:

This has got to be one of the best mixes i’ve heard in a while. I’ve got an
old mind which also loves hip hop. So this funk/hiphop mix is heaven! 

Mr Magoo says:

Dope drop dope outro
Whole shit could be rolled up and blazed 

Naser Bara-Beng says:

Who is the singer or the band at 27 ?

Tracy Coles says:

Ijust gotta have a lil’ funk, every now and then! Thanks!!

Jan P. says:

I put this on everytime I design, so good.

Rusqueen says:

Oh i love itt♡ great mix !

Love from Holland&Russia

Arthur Coulon says:

very Good Work ! old school forever.

Daniel Paul says:

Agree, nice vibes.

DJXS110 says:

New funky vibes hip hop mix. Some jazzed up edits of old classics alongside
new school soul and hip hop grooves.

Jordan Meanes says:

Not a huge fan of hip hop before but this is funky as.

Duncan Edwards says:

Smooth and funky!!!

DJXS110 says:

Cheers Grant, keeping it rollin dude.

Paul Jackson says:

Awesome as always!

DJXS110 says:

No worries David, dl link on the facebook page next few days.

David polard says:

hello, can you put the download links for there not to love this
soundclound.j compil.en you remerciant.c is vraimment good sound

DJXS110 says:

Enjoy my friend.

djxs100 says:

Enjoy on my new channel.

MrDingez says:

This guy needs to come to the Netherlands and play live :O

DJXS110 says:

Yip, gotta love that flava

Grant Wedlock says:

Diggin’ your vibe man…keep doin’ it!!

76HabeasCorpus says:

Man, haven’t heard that DAS FX tune for years, takes me right back!
Floating around on the magic carpet of chill this mix provided, nice.

Mirtes Pavan says:

super cool

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