How to Be a Hip Hop DJ : Tips on the Baby Scratch: Hip Hop DJ

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Learn about the Baby Scratch with expert DJ tips on hip-hop turntable skills in this free video clip.

Expert: Mike Orgerman
Bio: Mike Orgerman, AKA DJ PieceMeal, has been DJing for over 6 years. Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, he has weekly nights at several clubs, including Majors in Vadnis Heights and The Hot Spot.
Filmmaker: stuart murphy


Matt F says:

would be nice if both channels were working and not just one..but all in

morton360 says:

What’s the song at 1:23??

Olansharkface says:

I would just like to say to me as a beginner this is an wikid vid! safe on
DJ PieceMeal! keep it real!

BDPSTiTST Pablo says:

you should have a device where the arm connects the turntable (i dunno the
name in english sorry) this is kinda antishock device maybe you have to
adjust it but generally more weight is needed

HDiGITTY says:


nexusdb says:


Matias Varela says:

how do you create that sound when you release it…?

Rider Chamblizi says:

@BrainFluidLemonade WHAT THE DEUCE PEE SMELL o_o

djbenno2008 says:

uno on the very end of the arm not the end were the needle is? well you
need to put that quite close to the needle thats the best i can put it.
this is because it puts more weight on the needle hope i helped (Y)

chazibaby says:

more weight homie

Filmmakerzzz says:

grand master flash, grand wizard theodore

MemfoMafian says:

how does the needle not jump, thats the problem i have,

MemfoMafian says:

thats what it is because its a brand new set and it wasnt that expensive
eather. plus im new to it so its probably heavy handed as well

oneofclevefinst says:

thats wut up

MsYokse says:

Since it is called this vinyl please to say it to me or this song please to
say it to me ¡

MemfoMafian says:

a little

Kosmoe81 says:

U can’t show someone how to dj over a video bro. They have to have there
own stuff then start messing with it so they can know what there dealing
with. THAT’S how they learn.

zeinzin91 says:

@911ohshit tumblescratch

advanze7 says:


ArtofSamsbeatbox says:

is that a bhringer mixer? whatever you spell it? and i have those technics

Srabbel says:

Thumbs up for his shoe collection… 😉

Johann Kim says:

What’s the name of the song he’s scratching too?

Gary Stanke says:

@911ohshit that’s the baby scratch he’s doing the whole time, it’s just
done with the first kick drum of the beat he’s cuing up. Djs will commonly
do this when about to drop a new beat

Phil Gallardo says:

@BrainFluidLemonade XD

DJ Weezy says:

That trak sounds familiar…who’s was the artist-title of it?

Aboulicious says:

Jo dis is not only the BabyScratch. U must tell for newbies that u are
using the “Drop” and “Tear”. Look DJ Angalo. Hey is, in my opinion, the
best teacher for Scratching Technics!

TheSimsterC says:

@docshuck I think i must be dreaming.

MemfoMafian says:

im going to try it, i do apreciate it!

BrainFluidLemonade says:

DJ Pee Smell?

ismaeel619 says:

I thought my right headphone was broken.

sepa0202 says:

Wow, great vid man 🙂

xcrit1caL says:

holy shit, you read my mind nexus.

chooby3000 says:

not to mention how bad the vid is he does tears to demonstrate a baby

Buzztubah says:

the song is outkast – two dope boyz

matkznoob says:

mazzate sfigato

natedogg207 says:

damn do u have enough nikes

Adam o says:

umm….where do u get records…are they like special made??? or just any
random record you findd

Crypsis says:

Peace Mill

DjTonnny says:

Trop belle les NIKE sur l’étager 🙂

thomguerra says:

2 things.. you maybe heavy handed or your needles may be cheap or not
broken in.

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