How To Become A Successful DJ

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From hip hop parties in the suburbs to dance clubs in the cities, DJs are spinning and mixing music for audiences young and old.

In recent years, some DJs have become international superstars – better known than the groups whose music they play!

Those who aspire to a career in this growing field can now learn and hone their skills at DJ schools.

VOA’s June Soh takes us to the Beat Refinery, the first such school in the Washington area.

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seBastiENN Newey says:

anddddddd they all use laptops..LOL..doesn’t make sense for a dj school

DJ Ty 860 says:

How can I sign up to this school?

deejay5519 says:

I wish we had a school like this in florida

MsWeronikaXD says:

There are about 2 pioneer schools in holland.. 1 pioneer school is next
door my house 🙂 kind of lucky

best dj software says:



same thing in Georgia

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