How to DJ Hip-Hop : EQ Blending on Turntables

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Use equalizer blending techniques when scratching on turntables and learn how with tips from our professional disc jockey in this free hip-hop DJ techniques video.

Expert: Dj Colione
Bio: Dj Colione has been Djing professionally for over 6 years. He plays predominantly hip hop, top 40, R&B, funk & soul, 80s, and disco.
Filmmaker: Cole Walliser


njdon89 says:

stfu u sound mad dumb

623breaks says:

@MTXSHO9732vV8SHO I couldn’t agree more with you. Most of these people that
talk a lot of shit only do it because there are no reprocussions. They are
little teenagers that need a good ass kicking and that might teach them not
to talk shit unless they can back it up and not hide behind there mommies
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say something to someone in person and they end up missing a tooth and
can;t open one eye. So u have all been warned.

djqwiz25 says:

this is very useful especially when your playing at club with a large sound


whats the name of both tracks hes playin?

LocuraCanalla says:

Very helpfull. Thanks

sharperguy says:

sorry it was just a joke message referencing the godfather

sharperguy says:

Dj Corleone…. Imma make you an offer you can’t refuse

Rhek says:

Also, drum hits are usually tuned to the key of the track as well.

sacd2000 says:

Awesome instructions ! Basics very well explained helped a lot .

jo0osh says:

i will be trying this one, nice video 🙂

nixi16 says:

I agree it sounds off

n3cr0x says:

Nice. Thanks for that ;D

AntonioJose1135 says:

i say the best way to acheive tht kinda blend/transition is to either use
the instrumental to blend into the next song or get somethin like “mixshow
ingredients” which has 8 bars of the intrumental before the actual song

slowgo93 says:

I read an interview where Dr. Dre talked about this sort of thing before.
How a lot of tracks on Eminem’s first album all had the same beat, just EQ
was different.

Growler7 says:

This will help a few of my DJ friends out. Awesome, 5/5.

allstar930 says:

This right here was insanely helpful. I’m re-watching these expert village
videos years later and still catching nuggets. If you want to learn to dj
properly, watch these for hip hop and ellaskins for edm and practice!

R3dRum69 says:

it’s a Numark DXM06

sharperguy says:

Yes we all have to pray to the holt camera angels, so that they may bless
our camera and ensure that all can see our message.

Luke Davies says:

lmao hahahaa lmao nice one m8 imma gonna make u an offer u cant refuse

MrDreEntertainment says:

It’s a bit late, but youre so damn fkcing right !!

LocuraCanalla says:

Very helpfull. Thanks

MTXSHO9732vV8SHO says:

Whole bunch of haters in this bitch. Damn… Do you expect them to put
people on here doing DMC type shit? Some of you people sound fucking
retarded. Yeah… This IS a useful technique and it’s real nice. It allows
you to mix songs that don’t work at all with both tracks running at full
20Hz to 20kHz. Sometimes some of you little bitches just need to shut the
fuck up and let the new people just learn. If you want to teach them, post
your own videos hatin’ ass bastards. shit.


what songs are in the video?

BlasphemyTheory says:

“but if ur just sort of enjoying the music” he obviously means rollin on x

WadeWestTv says:

Is that a DXM 06? Yikes!

sashenkababy78 says:

well i knew that. i mix house/electrohouse wich ranges from 125 to 132. I
like to spin at 130 always. so i use pitch correction and change speed of a
track. my problem is how do you mix rap and RNB tracks i have no idea they
all jump from 70bpm to 114 and if i change their speed they sound like
shit. Can you show any instant techniqes like backspin, echo 4 beat drop,
brake … ect!

DJ Dephcon says:

He should be exchanging the eq’s rather than dropping out all the lows and
highs on the live record 1st.


good man

yuckfou2639 says:


6JhAnS9 says:

Yeah colione (ciglione) means peace of shit in Italian !!:)

tuningboss93 says:

colione in italian means dick! xDDDDD

therixdrums says:

go through your records and w/ hip hop just beat match a set from low bpm
to high bpm generally keep the records back to back within 3 or 4 bpms. if
you have trouble, cue a one on the bass… and cut. no one will know the
difference if you don’t screw it up. if you get your set down you’ll learn
how to match the tunes and slide parts in and out of each other to preview
the next track.

DawgBlog says:

this video is made for monkeys. thanks man. crap.

Ronaldo Madrid says:

Dude this is the stuppidest video i can ever see.!. why did i ever wasted
my time watching this crap whatever! this dumb ass looks like a fagg
anywayz hahaha!

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