How to DJ Hip-Hop : Hip-Hop Beat Matching

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Beat match when using turntables to mix two songs together and learn how with tips from our professional disc jockey in this free hip-hop DJ techniques video.

Expert: Dj Colione
Bio: Dj Colione has been Djing professionally for over 6 years. He plays predominantly hip hop, top 40, R&B, funk & soul, 80s, and disco.
Filmmaker: Cole Walliser


Spencer Ashton says:

Really good tutorial man, helped me out anyway!!!!!

Andy Fry says:

Great tutorial video dude, thanks.

Airy Ellis says:

thank gd a tutorial without edm

alkash95 says:

super video!!!! look my mix 🙂

pillowpance says:

i believe drum and bass is just as hard

DeadEarthRecords says:

@xPerry23x Wish I could give you 50 thumbs up

Gosu85 says:

@juwara u can do timecode with virtual DJ too hehe. But ur right. I dont
like timecode either

Joe Perry says:

@DeadEarthRecords thanks bro haha

therealboogy says:

Anyone know how much cost a new one mixer like this?

Zippedy DooDah says:

@TheDaddyrob3 u can never go wrong with a pair of technics 1200’s or
1210’s, i believe they are used in this vid too

Toxic600RR says:

Thank you for this video, probably the simplest yet most informative
tutorial. Covers all aspects of beat matching. Two thumbs up.

pkingaround666 says:

@juwara I use virtual dj with my cdj-400’s all the time … on party’s ..

slinabeats says:

Check my beats!

doctorshabs says:

@TheDaddyrob3 Your first sound is supposed to be the bass drum, during the

markac20 says:

@AdrienChaos haha:)

James Wilkinson says:

@SeanReyDJ I really dont know why people use CDJs, i personally like Midi
Controllers, they are much cheaper and im my mind do much more, just get a
Traktor Kontrol s4 + a decent laptop, and if you know people just say you
will do there party for free untill people like you enough then ask for

regard60 says:


kristenjthomas says:

not the greatest visual quality, but nice simple explanation of the
objective here for the noobs amongst us. thanks!

Hysteria says:

@juwara Feel tough DickMunchingGypsy? x)

SlayerDarkRaver says:

Beucase when you slow down the pitch the track will still be off. It may be
in the same tempo but it will be ahead in timing, so you adjust the timing
with your finger 🙂 check out “ellaskins” if you need more beat matching
tips 🙂


@willricketts yeah but virtual dj is the first step of trying to learn it…

jamestoni says:

Beat matching comes natural to the ear after a while. just practice and it
will become clear.

ChronixDesignz says:

you must have left your wallet in el segundo

Tirth Shinde says:


DJKJSeph says:

No. Not really. For instance.. songs from kesha are what you describe. No
intro or outtro. I just use these types of songs after a slow song.

Justin Buckham says:

but football is harder and more athletic than baseball

Spartan says:

what the hell man XD

moneymakr23 says:

dude, if you have serato scratch or some program like that, just match the
bpm using the pitch control, THEN use your head phones to determine the
beat placement with the beat on the other deck

DjKingstaa says:

geiles Video!

Special FreshLp says:

go to mrbigbasta kanal is the best


@glempa5 its never 100%

Dj1nsanity says:

@glempa5 using the sync button, is for fake dj’s the pro’s beatmatch with
there ears.

Arman aka Carlos Regatta says:

Thats exactly what Ive been doing whole lot of fading dropping but it feels
so weak. Im just like ‘anybody can do this’. I dont even feel like Im DJing.

slinabeats says:

You can also check my beats!

tsufi11 says:

At the end when they Jay part came in I got real hype ! This video was real
helpful, thank you !!

TheDjKrazybeats says:

if only it was hq

juwara says:

@AndVarg Haha, asshole? Do everyone a favor, keep the comment section for
15-year and older.

Arman aka Carlos Regatta says:

How do you beat match two hip hop songs when there is pretty much lyrics on
the tracks 95% of the time?

TheAsianAppleGod says:

@SeanReyDJ Lol I’m sure if they had feelings, they’d hate you too.

Drop Cliff says:

@ReeveJonathanA and 5 is him smoking a joint.

allstar930 says:

I don’t think you can keep them together but they prob aren’t meant to be
kept together long. Hip Hop isn’t EDM. Start listening to Hip Hop dj
podcasts like at Brooklyn Radio and then mimic the way they just throw
songs in on the 1. Djing is all about picking good tunes anyway, don’t ever
forget that.

DeleteDj says:

the police, ambulance, and firetruck sirens synced up nicely with this, now

Reyes90futbol says:

stfu queer

Angus Fraser says:

u kno wat coglione means in italian rite?

Nick Key says:

check my beats people! and sorry for spam.

juwara says:

@NOMINAMIA Haha, in that case you’re doing great. Keep on going, use your
ears, no stupid software buttons 😉

Dakiing95 says:


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