How to DJ Hip-Hop : Tips for Better Hip-Hop Beat Matching

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Use beat match techniques to refine your beat matching when mixing two songs together and learn how with tips from our professional disc jockey in this free hip-hop DJ techniques video.

Expert: Dj Colione
Bio: Dj Colione has been Djing professionally for over 6 years. He plays predominantly hip hop, top 40, R&B, funk & soul, 80s, and disco.
Filmmaker: Cole Walliser


domdom516 says:

Anyone who thinks it’s a crappy mix – it’s purposeful. He’s doing that so
he kills the first deck and all you hear is the second deck, that way you
can hear the different choruses as one ends, and the other begins.

Daniel Eliyahou says:

okay im 14, i have a ns7fx, and im 400000000 times better than you..

Ishan Perusinghe says:

whats tune is on the first Deck ?

k1rkus says:

technics rp-dj1200

psychospinn says:

yes….they’re called cue points…you can do up to 5 cue points. the
command is…..alt. 1 2 3 4 5 on the left….alt 6 7 8 9 0 on the right….

KarlBonner1982 says:

Great information but I really don’t like to think of songs in terms of
“8-counts.” That’s probably because I grew up musical and thinking in
4-count measures.

VEVOAmin says:

it wouldve of sounded well if he scrathed before the transition of songs

hustlaon22s says:

@WazuupNL hell yea but the explaination is good at least

snapdatcracker says:

are you joshing me m8…?

billybarryboy says:

Hi. Does any1 know if there is a function on ‘Serato’ that lets you mark
the intro/ Chorus on a song? Thanks.

MachineHead412 says:

so does anybody know what the track is on the black label record?

gparmar2007 says:

Great stuff man, i can’t remember for the life of me the first track.. And
i call myself a hiphop fan.. what song is that?!

wogmarley says:

you can set cue points on relative mode… i think its the numeric keys
that you use them wit on the computer.. just youtube serato cue points

SmokeDatGrass420 says:

i want to start djing, what equipment do you recomend? price is no problem

TheDethStatus says:

@steve702 I bought the Numark Total Control for around $75 on Craigslist
and I DJ college bars and parties with it. I’ve only been DJing for around
a yr now but it helps a lot and I really like it

waybacktruth10 says:

what the fuck kind of mix was that?

Lawrence Bryant says:

@danielrox22 ns7 are the shit i got one

heightboosting says:

i mix how i wanna cause i mix in key baby?? mixed in key check it out

HitAltF4Please says:

@danielrox22 and no one really cares, kid.

dj medek says:

I have a question that does’nt protain to the video but im a newbi and you
sound like you really know your stuff. I wanted to know if you can give me
some input on the ion discover dj and the ion cue3 systems? which one would
be better? I just want to get something to learn a little bit but also have
fun at the sametime. my budget isn’t very much but theirs not to many
compairison videos to help me decided. Can you help me? Thank you for your

mrchrisdiaz says:

was this filmed with a potato?

mejika18 says:

hahaha wtf was that bro! fail!

Chaotix McKay says:

hahaha worst mix evaaar LOL

wolfgang15425 says:

@7briguy can you use that in a sentence

DJ CITY says:

Dude are you sure you know what u doing?

DasBeda says:

i bought turntables, watched this video, heard it was like math, and sold
them again…

kingJ37 says:

i get what ur saying but damn that mix was crap!!

Carlos Arriaga says:

great vid, if i were you id work on the sound…it’s pretty low and details
are lost there.

bboytoys1 says:

all of you with the negative comments are; HATERRRRRRRS!

TheStackzamillion says:

just wanna know the name of the track on the left deck anybody got that?

acidkidadam says:

there is on traktor scratch pro. u can mark 8 different places in a track.

cutter johnson says:

negus please!

WazuupNL says:

theory is true, but he mixed it supercrappy

Shayne X says:

Dude…you need to get some tutorial yourself to teach first…before you
put up any video…!!

Thetomeffect says:

weak-ass mix

aaron d says:


89zavala says:

i think u talk gay!! LMAO!!

Enanito90 says:

soudns like nelly

TheGeehole says:

fuck this shit i do better than him

carzakone333 says:


djcurtisspark says:

talk talk talk!!!

Jānis Bebrītis says:

rnb IS NOT hiphop. I am new at turntablism but theory this guy tells sucks
a lot.

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