Joy Orbison – Big Room Tech House Dj Tool – TIP! (Full HQ)

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Andrew Mendez says:

love this!

Aramis Graville says:

amazing song… so glad it now has a digital signature as well! :D

dokeyopper says:

fuck motherfuckn yea 

Sahyeh says:

Lovely build-up.

Isaac Gecas says:


Alec Burks says:

whats beggining bit from??

Isenschmid Marc says:

so so good !!!

Darío López says:

Renegade – Terrorist 

DJ Equipment - says:

Joy Orbison – Big Room Tech House Dj Tool – TIP! (Full HQ) Joy Orbison –
Big Room Tech House DJ Tool

josh mobbs says:

please send me the digital download pleaseeeeeee, im on the verge of buying
the vynal collection, and i dont have turntables

Elias Carella says:

will fuck for wav

ceda206 says:

also i believe the reason for why technis was discontinued by panasonic
wasn’t due to the general decline of the vinyl culture. i think it’s more
to do with the fact that the product was simply too good and resolute. it
doesn’t fit with any company’s sales strategy of our times. which is to
quickly and constantly put out new trendy products that break easily and
that then can be replaced with the new trendy in thing a few years, even
months down the line. technics don’t fit C21 waste culture!

mike smethurst says:

Listen to some Hannah Wants mixes or some LowSteppa tracks

Adam Delarue says:

The beginning is the best part imo

Phuong Thao says:

God blessed him

Zoo0oot says:

How does vinyl kill the mp3 industry?? The vinyl industry is becoming more
and more niche everyday, it’s a shame but it’s true. Technics dis-continued
their product line due to this fact.

sketchead2 says:

they would make a packet if they reissued them but

Antonio Ryan says:

This tune man, godamn. Only Joy O. and Eliphino have drawn me in like this.

AlexWoodGarbage says:

Thanks for this. I don’t though, just to listen to.

Pete Bichsel says:

>Full quality mp3 >quality >mp3 You’re doing it wrong, man!

bfuller7 says:

Soundcloud transcodes their streams to about a 128kbs mp3. If you are
actually ripping and playing it out I feel bad for both you and any one
that has to hear you play.

sketchead2 says:

I wonder if he still uses fruity loops

Ganesha Lockhart says:


Zia Khan says:

Sick beat need more music like this

HolySativa says:

just bought this bad boy.. yeeeee. fuck mp3s. vinyl all fackin day

Lockettt says:

Now give me soul.

Ewan Harvey says:

periodically checking discogs for a copy

le zal says:

dun think so

ceda206 says:

it’s just a saying is it not? so wouldn’t read to much into it. The fact
that there are no more Technics turntables being produced certainly is a
shame. But the fact that somebody wants to buy a vinyl only release even
though he doesn’t have turntables and thus might go and get some
turntables, shows that there still is an alive vinyl culture. and quality
vinyl releases such as this are making it happen. cheers joy o! 🙂

simoo1 says:

Joy O*

Ben Cormier says:


BSYMKR says:

Oooohhh laaaawd

AlexWoodGarbage says:

If you’re wondering how to get a digital file of this that is actually
payable: Install Audacity, install soundflower and rip the HQ vinyl rip
that’s on soundcloud right now.

Perry Wood says:

Anyone know any songs similar to this, came up so hard to this!!!

TehHipstz0r says:


El gatocoxmico says:

fckin transcodes, we need a flac!!


dat “i cant function”

miowmeeshy says:

creepy/eerie beginning is nice

ceda206 says:

time to invest in some turntables then! vinyl kills the mp3 industry, joy o
is making it happen! 😉

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