Learn To DJ #48: Surviving Your First DJ Gig

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afishn says:

thanks for the help


Here’s a tip to others: Never have a playlist that you will play in order.
Everyday , even the same place would have different people. Just because
your friends like your set, doesnt mean others will like it too. Just
because they don’t like it, Doesn’t mean other will hate it too. Look at
the crowd, see how they are reacting to the your music. never panic even if
something goes wrong. Fix it. And Carry on. People on the dancefloor will
forget that bit after awhile.

tia savana says:

Me too, Im watching this before my very first gig tonight…

Digital DJ Tips says:

I wish you the best of luck!

Bart de Graaff says:

last month I had my first gig, went alright but it was hard to keep the
floor filled, that completely changed my perceptions and immediatly made me
look into the things youve mentioned. i learned the world that night. i let
the music stop twice by accident when i loaded a song on the playin deck
accidently. immediatly changed that function in traktor but i felt terrible
anyway. in two month i will be playing to 800-1000 ppl, whats gonna change
any advice?

DJOSpire says:

I agree on that.HOTDABSTV!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Glad to help.

ben langman says:

what it the name of the stand?

DJ Veaux says:

Not sure if he put this in the video or not, but one tip from me to you
all: DO NOT PLAN YOUR GIGS WHATEVER YOU DO. All your planning will go down
the drain believe me. Just get good at mixing songs on the fly instead of
using that time to plan a set.

Γ‰tienne Caron says:

Thursday will be my first club gig.. Stressed like never before. Thanks for
the tips as always !!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Generally, clubs have to have performance licences to cover DJs playing
music, but this varied from place top place so check your local regs. You
should never DJ with illegally downloaded music, period, we won’t advise on
the ins and outs of doing that, sorry.

Django Flaherty says:

I disagree. Two years ago, I created a playlist for an hour and a half gig
I was to play. It was a total flop on the night and I quickly switched to a
backup plan, but today, that playlist is 9 hours long and not a gig goes by
where I don’t borrow from it. My advice would be to plan as much as you
like, but also have a backup plan. Even if a plan goes “down the drain”
today, it might be awesome tomorrow. Trust your instinct – and not just
beforehand. Reading the crowd is what it’s all about.

Django Flaherty says:

Thanks Phil… Do mobile DJ’s usually get paid in advance as well? I’ve
always asked for a deposit, but perhaps I should take it a step further.

The Eturn says:

good video! . .been playing out for 15 years and still found very

Digital DJ Tips says:

I’m so pleased for you. Well done!

MrSamafia says:

Top video again…nice to have someone with actual intellect in this scene!

DJARENA268 says:

Just wanna say that u are my mentor and I admire wat u do

kidkrazyyo says:

Thanks for making this video! I haven’t had my first gig yet but I was
wondering do most places trust in a first time DJ to pay him?

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s good practice to get paid before you start playing, so yes.

yomantoclean says:

A question can you be a dj that only plays electro, techno and house? does
it change anything? do you get lesser gigs or anything?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Most clubs have PA system.

Digital DJ Tips says:

I guess that’s what I was saying when I said “be ready to throw your plans
out of the window and have a plan B”!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Glad you’ve found some of it illuminating.

xHoundZ says:

im watching this an hour before my first gig πŸ˜€

Digital DJ Tips says:

All depends where you are – but your first job should be to make sure you
are a PART of your local scene. If you’re involved, you’ll know what kind
of music styles are in demand where you are.

batman7019 says:

come down to South Padre Island for UME3. im from Texas 2 way down south,
alamo, texas to be exact. i know wat u mean we didnt have a edm scene hear
either but ever since Paul Magee showed up with Global Groove ITS BEEN
CRAZY. UME3 sprink break.artist =Calvin harris, Major Lazer,Tiesto,NERVO
and more

Digital DJ Tips says:

No problem!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Oh, you flatter me. I’ve just done it lots, that’s all…

WeddingDJBusiness says:

You have a done great job on this course I’m not a club dj but you have
given solid advice for all areas. I use to have dreams where I was DJing
and I would be looking for the next really cool song to put on but I
couldn’t find it and then yep the song would run out and no music ready
Yikes!! thankfully just a nightnare/dream- horrible feeling. My advice try
and be at least 3-4 songs ahead so your not in the pressure cooker zone.
Even if the music selected is only an average crowd pleaser.

SmokieMac says:

I’m no DJing yet, but I’ve been handling the sound system for bands for
years. If you think getting to a gig a little early to check it out is OK,
you aren’t paying attention. If you don’t know the venue, one day in
advance is the minimum. You never know what you might find that you’ll need
time to react to. Did a gig last month where they insisted we use their
system. If I found that out a couple of hours before the gig, I would have
been in deep trouble.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Bluntly, it’s not about trust, it’s about profit. Prove you can make an
audience stay longer / more people turn up, and you’ll command a wage.

Dejayhan says:

@3:33 Cracking up at your own jokes haaha love you Phil!! I have my first
live gig on Sunday which is for a dj competition! and your wise advice and
nerve breakers and very soothing πŸ˜› thank you Phil!!!

Dejayhan says:

Thank you πŸ™‚


watching this minutes before my first gig

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good stuff! Glad to hear it.

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s from Magma.

Digital DJ Tips says:

I hope it went well!

FuMMoD says:

My first two gigs that I did for free I played my heart out…….to a
crowd of less than 15 people and half were promoters. It was a great
feeling though having everyone going nuts so it made up for it. What a lame
excuse for promoters though and it kind of put me off from djing. I
recently have gotten back into djing and looking through your videos.
Thanks for the tips


sure did, got alot more now πŸ˜‰

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