Learn To DJ #49: Making Money From DJing

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mardi jansen says:

NUFF respect!!!! Great motivator!

Carlos Riojas says:

hey Phil,I love Electro House,I’m considering producing,thou I wanna get
the hang of mixing to pay expenses,what would you suggest.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Where from please?

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s assembled with parts from IKEA.

djtavi77 says:

dude your videos are so awesome! I’ve been Djing for the last 10 years and
always learn something new on your vids, thanks a ton!

TripleS360 says:

Whats your advice on Merch. I know it is more common for bands and popular
artists, but in my area clubs and gigs that pay are not common. If I am the
person doing free shows at parties and houses how do I make a little money
off that? In your experiences do donation boxes with some free stickers and
stuff work? That was my idea, but any help would be appreciated.

Johnny Walker says:

maybe you could make a video on using CDJ’S which are normally standard
installs in clubs which you would play in? Great work and tips btw!

BYTX007 says:

Hi Phil, I want to buy a mixer to start as a DJ, I ​​have three options:
numark MIXTRACK PRO, M-Audio Torq Xponent and hercules air controller. tell
me what I should buy. thanks

brettmc824 says:

if you have the money, buy the Numark Ns6. Bought it in March and don’t
think I’ll use another controller for a long time. Has everything you can
think and is perfect for just getting started.

WeddingDJBusiness says:

Great advice Making money is about providing a service. As a DJ you need to
define what will make you different from the rest. A unique set of
skills..that you can offer clients. This will probably involve more than
just providing music. Also if you don’t advertise/market or ask for work
you won’t get it. Always have more ways to make money. Every DJ in business
I know does something else , that will mean your back is not against the

ZAZE says:

Hi Phil im 14 and am desperate to play a gig ive asked a few teen discos
but basically they have a lot of i assume higher experience djs to choose
from i really want a gig other then house parties i just want to share the
music with everyone and entertain is there anything i should be doing to
help me get gigs

Digital DJ Tips says:

Ah, you’ll have to wait and see for that. We’re just taking a breather to
make some studio improvements before the next series…

Isaac Caletrío Berridge says:

from southern spain? cool!! I live in Valencia! Un saludo y sigue con los
videos 😀

DaRealRMCtv says:

Some very good advice, just changed my entire outlook on the subject.
Respect the DJ.

johnnyd138 says:

the course went by so fast… 🙁 but I hope you will think of something
else to keep us entertained and continue to give us your priceless advice 🙂

patrick wayne says:

these are great videos, but can i offer my own bit of advice? either put
some sound dampening on the walls, or record in a different room
maybe…the reverb is awful.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks, we know. We’ve got a new lav mic and will dampen the room further.

Digital DJ Tips says:

De nada, tio

Taxemicshadow says:

I want those Denon players so bad I stare at them in every video they show

Digital DJ Tips says:

This is on our list!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Thanks for the support.

Maceo Lahr says:

@Silwerzz I also have the N4 and I love it its a great controller

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yeah, I’m looking forward to having that free time to do some different
video ideas we have in the pipeline…

MisterFausto says:

Great video as usual !!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Please come to the forum on themain website and post this so we can all
advise you better.

philippepaul74 says:

When I become the next David Guetta or tiesto 😉 I will give you 50,000
pounds because you put so much time and effort in helping us small time Dj’s

Antonio Fan says:

Hi Phil I just bought your course but find out they are easy to download. I
like your work but someone else may refund after download. Please make it
not able to download.

DJ Blass Chile says:

Hello Phil, I just want to say that you deserve a lot more than 78 likes!
Great channel 🙂

Si Boogie says:

Music + Time = show me the money

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, it can work – you won’t make much by most accounts, but it’s all good

ViSiOnX 2014™ Gaming Video's and Vines says:

thx this helped alot i hope to be a radio dj

Digital DJ Tips says:

Just get me backstage and look after me for a night, that’ll do 🙂

Ian Hoskins says:

Phil Where did you get your desk from looks awesome

Digital DJ Tips says:

You can map a Midi Fighter to any software, if you need more buttons, it
could be useful to you.

andrewmartin1984 says:

thanks so much for all your information dude, so much appreciated!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Of course! Bigger and better.

Scur DaZeD says:

hi phil i love your videos can you please help me as its my birthdat on the
18th of july and i want digital decks and i dont now to get the hercules dj
control instinct or get the air version im 15 on the 18th and i would
really like to get another pair as my dad broke my old ones and he said he
would get me some i used to do some djing when he had house parties with
his mates and when i went to some could you help me please

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