Pioneer DDJ-SX Hip Hop mix plus a touch of twerk

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Some type of Hip hop/twerk controllerism mix.

Download mix-


Some people over at the Serato forums wanted a hip hop mix, here ya go. Just threw it together so don’t mind the mistakes 🙂

Tracklist :
Everyday (Coolin’) (Intro – Dirty) – Swizz Beatz ft Eve
disco inferno (mundy deluxe) – 50 cent
Tho’d (Intro – Dirty) – Paul Wall ft. Kid Ink & YG
Feelng Good – Will.I.Am ft. Miley Cyrus, French Montana, & Wiz Khalifa
Play That (Dirty) – C-Money ft. IamSu
That N#gga (Intro – Dirty) – Kid Red ft Chris Brown
I’m Different Enferno Remix (Dirty) – 2 Chainz
Bang It To The Curb (Intro – Dirty) – FM & Sidney Samson
College Drop Mastamonk & Dibs Twerk Remix (Dirty) – Sage The Gemini ft. Kool John
Headband Coucheron Remix (Dirty) – B.O.B. ft. 2 Chainz


Ian Ross says:

Hey man, I was reading through the comments and saw you’ve only been doing
this for a year and a half. When I was watching the video I told myself,
“Man, this has to be the best mix this guy has ever done, but then again,
when it’s this good, he probably is just really that good.” Props my
friend. I am more than impressed. I watched this video to get some
insight on how someone would go about performing with this thing and you
definitely opened my eyes and ears. Thanks for the vid man. And keep up
the good work. You can definitely perform in clubs and other venues.
Trust me, I go out and listen to dj’s almost every night because of my
occupation. You have more than enough skill to start up a mobile dj

Jamie Andre says:

and i dont know how some of these people are even asking if this is you
mixing it, you can clearly see its you by when you’re pressing the pause
button and then starting it back up, im looking at getting a ddj-sx atm ive
got a ddj-wego do you recommand to get this controller? ive been mixing for
nearly two years 

4x4Productionz says:

I was about to leave till I heard the music come in. wtf was that in the
beginning. good mix though

Jonathan Barrow says:

Okay dude. Here’s the deal. I used to be a DJ back in the 90’s mostly high
school mix tapes and parties after high school. I’ve always had an interest
still but hadn’t made time for it in years. You inspired me my man. I
purchased a DDJ-SB the other day, it’s in front of me now as I’m typing
this. I’m using what you’ve done here as a tool to help me learn, and for
that, mad props. Keep it up. #inspired

RayTacOfficial says:

Same Laptop as mine!!! LOL you can see it in my video haha Do you ever end
up buzzing/pausing your laptop during your sets? how did you manage to
prevent that?

Dakoolguy111 says:

Not so hard to do when you use sync

artikco559 says:

You are fast man, you could be making burritos light speed!!
thanks for the video, good job

ilyass znati says:

hello, what is the impact that you have used to move to the second pieces
thank you

Andre Epps says:

I enjoy your mix been thinking about getting the sx. not sure if i should
spend the money on it just to practice in the house and family parties.


is that even your mix cause i think is not im not heating im just saying 

Bryan Calhoun says:

good mix. hip-hop is fun to mix. it requires more skill and timing
than just about any other form of music that dee jays spin..
you need to know ur content. and u need the practice hours.. SUCKA
DEE JAYS still exist. out there. because they don’t practice. they
don’t know their craft. they ruin the art the excellence of the
word DEE JAY. dee jaying is a profession that any one can claim but
only true crafts men know whats really up with this awesome thing
called dee jaying..

Palasako says:

+DJ Axon You have some six skills man 

beckkyy smitthh says:

At the beginning I was like wtf is he doing then he started mixing.. HELL

SkillZ-Is-iLL 86 says:

That’s mad crazy shit you be doing with the fx pads how long that take ya
to learn

mdroproductions says:

This mix so dope. I be playing it up in my Jeep.

Julio Almeida says:

you need training man but any way good set.

dj FRiTZo says:

fire mix!! what laptop model and specs is that? i just got a pc and want to
make sure its not the same specs as yours so it wont crash like you
mentioned yours did. thx!

Tanmoy Auddy says:

u r great man

troy certain says:

nice mix bro!!!!

DJsounds says:

Hi Axon, always happy to see you have submitted a new mix on
Again it’s a fun to watch, creative mix. I agree with +terris wilder about
the camera position. Not sure about the latest GoPro but I have the Hero 3
Black myself and it can not zoom. If your field of view is set to “medium”
it might help to set it to “narrow”. Keep experimenting and send us more,

Dan McAdams says:

Excuse my ignorance here, but at around 3:35-1:40 (and other spots too) it
seems you move the crossfader from left to right but the same music keeps
playing. Shouldn’t one side go completely silent? It seems like nothing is
happening as far as fading from side to side during this time… I’m not
trying to be an ass, just looking at buying some equipment for the first
time and stumbled across your video, and maybe it’s just something I
haven’t learned yet. As I don’t have any real equipment.

Jonathan Barrow says:

My head exploded at about 8:00. How long you been doing this?

Chip Douglas says:

i like how you used hot cue pads instead of having to rewind the platter a
la technics beat juggling. i never even thought about it like that . thanks
for the tip.

numberoneglobal says:

PS nice moves

Sanchez Parsley says:

how is it that you dont load any tracks? seems like it just automatically
loads the next song? also im a beginner and only have cheap decks at the
moment, looking to upgrade soon, thinking of either the SR or the SX, what
do you reckon is best?

Julian Carr says:

You’re a DAMN BEAST Bro!!!!

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