Royce Da 5’9″ – Hip Hop (Prod. By DJ Premier) [HD]

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From 2004 Album: “Death Is Certain”…..

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Ryan Montgomery, born and raised on the West Side of Detroit, Michigan in the W. McNichols & Wyoming Ave. area, moved to Oak Park, Michigan when he was 10 years old, later acquiring the nickname “Royce” during highschool after wearing a Turkish link chain with an R pendant resembling the Rolls Royce symbol. He began rapping at 18, influenced mainly by Ras Kass and Redman. He signed his first deal in 1998 with Tommy Boy Records, after Tommy Boy Records shut down, he signed a deal with Columbia Records where he started recording an album called Rock City, referring to Detroit’s former status as home to Motown Records. When the project was heavily bootlegged, Royce left the label for Koch Records to re-record some of the album, eventually releasing it in 2002 as Rock City (Version 2.0). While the album didn’t sell very well, the DJ Premier-produced single “Boom” gained 5’9″ some underground recognition and eventually resulted in the two working together more closely.

Through his manager, Royce was introduced to Eminem at a show in 1997, and the two formed a working relationship; they formed up as a duo, Bad Meets Evil, and released several tracks together. Royce appeared on Eminem’s debut studio album The Slim Shady LP, in which he was featured on a song called “Bad Meets Evil”. Royce and Eminem also released a track called “Renegades”, from which Royce’s vocals would later be replaced with Jay-Z’s on the latter’s The Blueprint. Through Eminem, Royce would also be introduced to both Dr. Dre and execs at Game Recordings. After his manager revealed that Royce was involved in writing the tracks “The Message” and an original version of “Xxplosive” for Dre’s 2001 (entitled “Way I Be Pimping”), Dre requested that Royce cut ties with his manager. Royce refused to fire his manager and his relationship with Dre ended.

2003 saw Royce link up more fully with Game Recordings. Earlier, he had recorded several tracks for the soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto III, released in 2001. The in-game radio station, Game Radio FM, prominently featured Royce’s “I’m The King”, an Alchemist-produced solo track that (along with the publicized beef) helped elevate Royce’s name beyond his association with Eminem. In 2004, he released his second and most critically successful album to date, Death is Certain, charting with another Premier-produced single, “Hip-Hop”. Though many perceived it to be a dark and depressing album due to his alleged alcoholism and severed friendships, Royce has maintained it was simply his anger and passion showing through.

After the relative success of his sophomore effort, the MC put out a third solo project, Independent’s Day, in 2005. This was met with less acclaim than either of his previous releases. During this time, the rivalry between Royce and former friend Proof reached a boiling point in the streets of Detroit, on an occasion where the two rappers drew guns; they were subsequently arrested, and left to work out their differences while spending the night in neighboring cells in jail. Though the MC had planned other projects involving Nottz and his former crew, D-Elite, these were cut short after a sentencing to one year in prison for a DUI.

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Marc DrMarctagon Applewhite says:

Speaking of Royce and Primo…

Franklin Benjamin says:

This beat is so dope, Premo the man, the myth & the legend!

Up’s to Detroit too, alot soul & great artist’s sprout up in the +Boogie
Man & myself were sayin’ recently.

SWAGGER573 says:

he either has awesome beats or terrible beats

Michael Stunts says:

Royce has to be the guy you hear on the radio, fuck Wayne, drake, and

Afghan Lion says:

Fuck the beat, listen to the awesome lyrics!

Bünyamin Firat says:

Am i the only one who thinks he looks like premo from far away ?

Adam Neill says:

79 people are idiots.

Benedicto Soto says:

This fucking beat is crazy. Dj premeir bestof all time. 

MrIlleism says:

Had this song since it came out and only now found the video, by mistake 🙂
Relevant videos brought me here haha!

AlmosfamouZ says:

Premier’s the shit…..

ZXQaos says:

1:46, bottom left: the Bad Meets Evil Single B)

DeepCrossing1 says:

signature Preemo

TeeLow says:

Good ole fashioned hip hop in these comments. I love it!

Bam2106 says:

If I ever were to become a rapper I would go to Premo for beats hands down
and Im talkin MOST my beats haha He is just simply the best of all time THE

George Kidd Jr says:
mathe mathik says:

Hip Hop 🙂 for ever 🙂 

Remus Remusica says:

real in the field

Ikenna Enyi says:

putting these together ALWAYS works well!

Evan Franey says:


Scott Phree says:

Speaking of Royce and Primo…

arlskyyyy says:

sometimes nice, that you find particular stuff that late!!!!

Stefano Scollo says:
Oak Gang says:

Royce is cold as fuck

kamil klonowski says:

ONE OF THE BEST BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulchi14 says:

Everything with Preem is pretty much a classic already! :D

PJ McNamara says:

Guru’s successor right here. Listen.

dapard says:


marcio larios says:

The intro of the beat is so ill

spcooper94 says:

This beat >>>

Kamil Nowak says:

What’s that speakers in the back model/producent?
I just love this design :D

Pao Brown says:

I remember being glued th the tv waiting on this to come on Rap City

kamil klonowski says:


rosti rost says:

burns !!!

Alfredo Moncada says:

Ripper right here!!

Efel Efrem says:

Where else does this line from? ( 0:18 – 0:23 ) 

emmy lite says:


Kim Nguyễn says:


KubiS KubiZ says:


Philly Ceez says:

That intro THO….PREME

Ahlixavien Bornabuddha says:

Royce Da 5’9″ – Hip Hop (Prod. By DJ Premier) [HD]:

mike willy says:

lol…calling that fucking 5 sec loop sample “genius”…get outta here 

forkyou beach says:

He looks like neyo

cnirvana1 says:

beat is sooo nice!

Ryan Lash says:

“Death Is Certain” is one of the most underrated rap albums of all time.

CocaineDreams Records says:

Yo make sure ya check out my music i grew up on Royce And spit real Rap
Like HIM

jadi far says:

sub me for that realness or ill phone the police

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