Some DJ tips (what to bring along in your gig bag)

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Some DJ tips on what to carry along in your gig bag.


KGhost888 says:

i like the Vybz Kartel track in the back…´╗┐

Dj Jolt says:

Finally someone who knows what there doing, there’s nothing that I hate
more than one of my friends say they don’t know why there speakers keep
getting blown and I keep telling them make sure your wires aren’t broke, or
to stop trying to crank your speakers up as loud as me cause you have cheap
speakers like technics or sony and they can’t handle the input that my
PROFESSIONAL grade JBL’s or peavey’s or yamaha’s can handle but they never
listen, or they get a cheap amp that’s only 100 watts and expect it to
power 800 watts of speakers, they never learn >(. But I saw you had
peavey’s also, they’re a great product´╗┐

BlendzGoneWild says:

Good stuff man… spoken like a true IT guy! hahahaha

Victor Alvarez says:

thanks fam

Dj Ohmarty says:

How do you use your multi-meter with you dj equipment in a dj setting

djbigron says:

Great Tips!

Djsilverodoet says:

now my bad is filled with nomore nonsense but what I need. now I am ready.

Coltrane09 says:

Excellent review done two years ago and is very useful today!!!!!

Dj Ohmarty says:

Hey cool dj tips thanks a lot great info for the new bees

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