Successful – David Yang Ft. Feng Yang – Prod By. Dj Pain1 (Original Hmong Version)

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Hey guys :D, so if you all downloaded my album already 😀 the last track on the album is called “successful” which is another original made by my man Dj Pain1! but this time i decided to remix it and make the first verse a hmong verse and feature my brother Feng on this song with me singing the chorus! so enjoy 😀

also excuse me for my horrible hmong ryhmes lol….. I TRIEED!!!!

Download the album here :

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The original Successful song right here:


Tou Vang says:

hmong rapper are not touching David

XengXue Vang says:

Chea Bro keep up the work, just work on your fashion bro, look HTT when
your Hmong American

ongleester5 says:

I love this song! :))))

Tou Vang says:

this one better

Alanna Vang says:


Nicole Tcha says:

Waaah it’s the first time I listen to your music ! You have a nice voice ;D

ohSOnina says:

niceeee ! You DO have swag. Love it <3 

Pang Ying Xiong says:


Peng Yang says:

Genius….keep that mind fresh…

jxiong50 says:

Can u put a download link for this version!! My Hmong peeps love it!!

Hang Haam says:

will there be an instrumental? I kinda like the beat of it 

Hisbabeboo says:

David I would love to see the lyrics on this song. I love this version of
your (: . Keep it up

Tommy Lee says:

Daaaaaaamn kid you can spit!!!! And in Hmong!! It doesn’t sound corny and
stuff like that..I’m glad I landed on this good job bro!! 

chue143 says:

Make more songs like these!

Kou Vue says:

Beast ahaha

Musixz4life says:

I love this song!

MaiVue Chang-Yang says:

Nice .

TheOfficialJerryVang says:

Good shit..

David Yang says:

thanks KAYLA!!!

Ricky Yang says:

He’s such a beast of a performer, just like mainstream performers.

Tupao Xiong says:

Man this is dope bro…this is what i’m talking about. Hmong rapper rapping
in hmong..sick ass hell..keep it up bro. Tupao Xiong

cheewll says:

Work on your hmong more bro, sounds good. You’re beating me to making it

Thomusdeb says:

I love feej lub suab qabzib kawg.

TMzong says:

man i haven’t listened to a hmong song in a long time, brings back the good
times being at new years haha, ya should totally do more collabs like this

David Yang says:

lol i like all of your comments Ka Lia

yellowladee says:

AWESOME!! loved it!

Tim Vang says:

HMF brought me here. thumbs up 🙂

vinnylee11 says:

You killed it! haha

David Yang says:

thank you all for showing so much love!! i will remaster this hmong version
soon and have a lyrics video out!


Bad ass song bumping this in KALI

Ka Lia Yang says:


Phillip Yang says:

Great skills! Keep it up!

MsLindaLee66 says:

I really enjoyed this song. Helps all the young kids in high school trying
to figure out who they want to be. Thanks for sharing.

xeng lee says:

kj puas hi puas yog ma lov lol hey yo hey wow….

Michelle lee says:

David, Your an amazing singer! Ö where’s the lyrics? I wanna sing along? I
love this song <3

vanglady92 says:

HMF! HMF! HMF! HMF! Glad you came out. New subscriber! (=

Nou Cha says:

Ur so awesome 😀 love ur hmong accent

phenglis1 says:

this song hit and there alot of meaning….. liked

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