Traktor S4 remix Tips and Tricks with DJ Hatim Funky

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DJ Hatim Funky visits to show you how to quickly get started with basic remixing/sampling on the new Native Instruments Traktor S4.

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DJ I-RIZE says:

can it be a stand alone mixer with out traktor.

Leo Rodriguez says:

Can you teach me how to make my feet transparent as yours are from 4:45-4:47?
That would be pretty cool for me to do at gigs 

Jonathan Stark says:

Here you have my honest opinion.
What he did sounded shit, BUT I still learned.
What he said and showed helped me “handle” my mixing better, and it taught
me to use the Beatmasher at the right places and so on. 

Chris Morris says:

Nice but Just pushing buttons gets boring. very good though

matt sniatynski says:

This is… the best thing I have ever seen! In, like, 10 different ways.
Thank you.

Jens Donlin says:

where you hiding ?
I dont mean to troll but you should lower your stand so the audience can
see your face.

Dilan Shah says:

Does any one know how to get the different colour waveforms like in the
video, mine are all blue throughout the track!

Cambs Tech says:

best Tut i seen on this s4.. learnt sooo much thankyou

Mac Joseph says:

how do I get a turntable breakdown effect. because traktor doesnt have a
break function

Pioneer DJ says:

Pioneer new official support for Traktor 2.6.5 with TSI Mapping File:

so new says:

whats better the s4 or the ddjsr not sure what one to get?

rockinstuff says:

Is there a function to record your live sets when playing out? Or can
anybody advise how I can record my mixes? I have a Mac Book 2012, OS X
10.8.5 and as far as I’m aware there isn’t anyway for the sound playing out
to be recorded (I use Audacity
Anybody can help me out on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks in
advance ;-)

StarmanDeluxe2001 says:

This guy’s like the Bob Ross of DJing. I got some crazy ASMR from his voice
lol. Great tutorial too, thank you!

Virgil Williams says:

The artist should remix their own music that should be their responsibility
not the DJ’s 

Atius Erick says:


Anne Sturm says:

Nice – thank you! 🙂
Just good to see someone in action on it as I unpacked mine this week…

Oh by the – one thing i figured out (thanks to the manual):
When you are in your remix deck (i mean controlling deck C with the right
side of the S4 Mk2), then you are able to switch downwards through the
remix deck tracks by clicking
SHIFT + Remix Deck Button of the Collum you want to go down…
(Only if Presets for Kontrol S4 in Traktor are set as “Hot Cue Buttons:
Remix Mode”)

Anyway… you can only go down – not up, and you will have to scroll
through all 16 teen to go back to the top, but it might still be worth
knowing since it can save time in the right moment 🙂

Great video…
Thanks again and I will watch the others *smile*

have a beautiful day!

Dj SKiTTLES says:

Good Vid Thanks for the tips

Kenyon Thompson says:

The best thing i have ever seen on any traktor product – I would pay for
lessons from this dude..

Snow Bear says:

you are like mini god (that’s good) lol

joao paulo pimenta says:

very good tech

Mac Joseph says:

Nice Job Hatim! you will be nasty when you get the F1. I just bought one
its incredible!!

roman100101 says:

+getinthemixonline how do you get the opposite side effects to work for
both sides???

Z Banx says:

THANK YOU for explaining this so clearly for us newbies!!

James Mesidor says:

very good bro

David Thatcher says:

Cool tutorial, nice mix of beats & well used. Mash it all together in a Daw
and I’ll play it


where U got those loops from?? I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!

Fernandp Parrera says:

good men !! creative!

Brian Do says:

This guy’s good. He’s awsome

Javier Eduardo Correa says:

great info

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