Virtual DJ – 11 Min Mix (HipHop/Rap) – Sept. 26, 2011 – 30+ songs in 11 minutes!

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Virtual DJ – 11 Min Mix (HipHop/Rap) – Sept. 26, 2011 – 30+ songs in 11 minutes!


Dj Terp says:

What computer do you have because I need one with big memory THATS ALOT OF

Yanal Moq says:

cooooollll!!!!! ­čśÇ you cool man ­čśÇ I love you XD´╗┐

Omar M says:

Nice. How do you get that echo sound at the end of some songs? Pioneer? or
is it in VDJ?´╗┐

Ben Fisher says:

Much Love´╗┐

StarCreations says:

I still can’t believe that this was all with a mouse. very nice mix!

Derick Lossing says:

Ture inspiration homie. I see that you said that you used nothing but a
mouse and keyboard. How did you become so fluent with the scratching. I can
transition songs perfectly but i just cant seem to get the concept of
scratching down, especially with a mouse. Do you use beatlock or smart
scratch? any tips are greatky appreciated and keep up this good work man.
Legit AF!!!´╗┐

Dominic Sem-Mintah says:

how did you scratch and play? cos when i do that, theres like a 2 second

XiiBARRONiiX says:

very good!´╗┐

PamP1m says:

u using mouse only? wow.. nice job´╗┐

TheGodschild28 says:

hey explain it to us slow how you do it.´╗┐

Airy Ellis says:

first off, this is just awesome!
question tho… what about not using instrumentals?> ´╗┐

fearfactory1189 says:

Amazing mix! VDJ is an addiction for me, I like to just take the songs I
enjoy and mixing them, and once I get going I end up going for like an hour
or more lol´╗┐

ScribzGaming says:

im using your music on one of my vids ill give credit´╗┐

Spoder Man says:


tyla falo says:

Very cool, nice song selections.´╗┐

Sammie Karuiki says:

do you use only computer ?how do you get sound echo ?your mixing is very
very nice nice please help me on how i can do it coz i normaly mix but i
can`t do like you.what is this instrumentals and stransitioning you are
talking about?please help.´╗┐

Gary Wood says:

Mane you are sick wit dem hands. How are you moving that fast with a mouse,
im tryna find a controller to use with this. Any suggestions? Hands down
you killing it´╗┐

David Gutierrez says:

Inspiration! ´╗┐

Domenic Franzen says:


Zeferino Marcelino Tito Tito says:

ta bunito´╗┐

Michael Varian Lam says:

i love the eminem part(not afraid)
please teach me EruptionGuides….´╗┐

Le├Ąndro Alenc├Ąr says:


Luis Reyes says:

Yo this is badass my goal is to be this good someday ´╗┐

TmanueIL says:

This is amazing, Do you release sets or mixtapes? I need more of this in my

NeroMusic says:


Daniiel Madrid says:

Fucking Pro!!´╗┐

Louis Versace says:

Would like to know how you match your beats so perfectly and really quick.
it just flows´╗┐

Snakedeath25 says:

One more thing where do u get ur music from, great selection ´╗┐

Aaron Tagasa says:

Damn, That was awesome could you teach me some tricks?´╗┐

jacob monroe says:

damn this is a good ass mix lol´╗┐

Distance Pictures says:

Is this all done using the mouse?! ´╗┐

Bugzy Losantos says:


James Daly says:

Man that’s awesome no way would I ever thought you could do all that on
virtual. Imma try your techniques soon cause it for damn sure works haha´╗┐

Snakedeath25 says:

That’s amazing very professional ´╗┐

Kojo Wallace says:

can I have tips pls´╗┐

R.A.P Ent says:

holy shit!!!!!this is better den every dj i’ve heard…if u dnt mind me
askin can u do this to a hot track…by itself n how much u charge to host
a mixtape…hit me back asap…´╗┐

carmpsm Martin says:

nice mixing´╗┐

Platinum says:

teach me master´╗┐

rt78 says:

Please teach me this is how i wish i could dj on virtual great fing job.
mouse or controller?´╗┐

Hector Herrnandez says:

great selection dj´╗┐

Goga Kratsashvili says:

awesome! <3´╗┐

Malcom Killebrew says:

For Using the mouse… VERY GOOD mixing´╗┐

S.A House Mix says:

Why would you dislike this?´╗┐

Bryan Wells says:

What did you use to mod the songs before you used them? They all do a loop
at the end before you fade them out.´╗┐

Michael Contreras says:

this is a great mix! looking forward to hearing more! keep it up!´╗┐

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