Wedding Tips for Mobile DJs

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In this video, a reply to djjosh, I go over just some of the many things to make you less worried about doing a wedding. Especially for those that don’t have a lot of experience.
Other than the tips on the video, please READ all you can get your hands on about MCing a wedding (the DJ part should be the bit we can all do!).
There are a ton of books and forums out there with advice, so use it all!


jesuslujan82 says:

Awesomeness!!!! Thank you so much, im taking the video like if it was ment
for me!!!!

Vince Manganaro says:

Very good advice … I have a Must-Play list and a Must-Not-Play list.

John Jones says:

@djtomharwood Hi there you need to use a time code cd and box, I would say
the best thing to do would be to sell them and get what I have buddy the
cdj 2000’s and djm 2000 mixer I use this for my mobile gigs also I use vdj
pro full licence, I’m not a fan of using it but I video dj and mix up music
video’s use a live cam on the dance floor…..ect. Take a look at my
video’s to see.

kknd11 says:

well thats true but, but when i used to do mobile djing i always had a
“dancing” part during weddings right after all the little acts the guests
did untill about 2 o’clock and my final song always was slow but because i
was building up before the “final” song is expierenced more intense, and
more emotional wich is what you want; a final witch the newly wed will
never forgoet 🙂

Alan Robb says:

That’s fair enough. If someone here works for a company and is issued with
a company shirt then they have to wear it. IMO, tho’ DJing a wedding in a
shirt without a collar just looks bad. If any DJs here get to choose what
they wear for weddings I recommend dressing way better than you would for a
bar or club. If it’s a theme wedding (caribbean, Hawaiian, costume party
etc.) then obviously that doesn’t count. For all others, show some respect
and dress nicely.

Alan Robb says:

Thanks for adding some tips, bud. What I would add to your comment is that
a wedding is less like a mountain, building to a climax, as it is like a
rollercoaster. There will be periods of slow and fast throughout the night,
making sure you always leave them with enough energy to make it to the end!

Maxsdiscos says:

there may be a dress code, but DJs contracted by a company are likely to
wear black t-shirts (like the pioneer one) with the company’s name on the

Gary Gomes says:

Yeah He is 100% right the more gig’s you do the easy it gets

Alan Robb says:

Absolutely. It’s all about creating memories.

Alan Robb says:

You’re welcome Josh. I know this only scratches the surface, but, like I
said, there are a ton of books and I hear there’s a new forum in town for

Alan Robb says:

Yup, that’s true. I only ever had to wear a tux in the UK for doing
corporate Xmas events or when everyone else was in a tux. Over here, it’s
done more often. It still has an old-fashioned image thing going on, so
most of the time I’m in shirt and tie for weddings. There’s never a reason
to wear jeans, I agree. Even khakis (chinos) are better – again, as long as
they are clean and not creased to heck. There are things in a night we
can’t control. This is one we can!

kknd11 says:

oh and i forgot keep communicating throughout the gig with the guy who
hired you, there are lots of activities during weddings and make sure you
know whats going to happen so you can adapt your music to it. good luck!

PrymeTymeEnter says:

Great video Al. Have fun in vegas!

GoLeafs84720 says:

That is some fantastic advice. I never thought about preparing a script
before the gig. I always seem to just wing it with mixed results. Great

mndjguy says:

Nice one Al! Very good advice!

John Carr says:

I get nervouse before every paid gig. Did a gig for a friend, but was
nervous. Started playing music, and nerves cooled. Had to DJ a pool party
for an African American family and 40 friends…. was nervous, but found
out its all the same music and it turned out fine. So, just do what you do,
and nerves will go down. Good video Alan.

artofsounddj says:

“Weddings are the best things you’ll ever do” I agree!!

Alan Robb says:

They probably won’t remember what you wear if you are dressed like them,
but I guarantee the guests and your clients will remember if you show up in
jeans and flip flops and it’ll give them something to mark you down for.
Why would any DJ give their clients a reason to find fault with them? Same
with drinking alcohol at a wedding. Aside from the drink driving aspect,
why would you give people a reason to question your performance? “I want my
money back, the DJ was drunk”!

Chris Surdyk says:

Excellent video! I now have a new favorite quote when it comes to planning
for higher end events…”If you fail to prepare, your prepared to fail”.

waveydaveyb says:

Great tips!

10Musichead says:

than you thank you …. thanks for the advice …

RRollergod says:

I love my pioneer shirt. 😉

Derek Kelleher says:

Well said Alan as usually nice and to the point, yep I am also booking
weddings, 3 comming up and am feeling the pressure already. But what you
say makes lots of sense. Fail to prepair – Prepair to fail

djtavi77 says:

good advise!!!

deejay2012 says:

That was very, very nice of you to put that up. It has really helped me out
a bit so thanks….do you think it would be possible for you to run down
the procedure for cutting the cake, announcing the first dance, etc?

rockstarpartyrental says:

WeddingDJTips has an entire blueprint of what to do, say, and play at a

Jasper Ibe says:

Great Video, Alan. Dress 4 Success & Confidence…BigTime!

Tom Harwood says:

many thanks for the tutorial, very very informative. Do you know if I can
hook up my CDJ 1000″s to Virtual DJ? How would I go about this?

jayy cee says:

I’m not going to DJ on a weeding but you gave me good tips on speech. I’m
kind of a shy person and don’t really like talking much on the microphone
because I don’t want to sound nervous but I will write it instead like you
said thank you so much ” we never stop learning” DJ KNB

TheLastDJ007 says:

Nice tips and you are so right on prepare

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