Wiz Khalifa Talks Blacc Hollywood, The State of Hip-Hop, and Listening to Criticism w/ DJ Skee

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Wiz Khalifa breaks in the DASH Radio studio (alongside Sebastian) to talk to DJ Skee about the styles and sounds of “Blacc Hollywood,” the state of hip-hop, listening to criticism and much more.

Blacc Hollywood – Styles & Sounds // 0:46
Biggest Single // 2:20
His Mindset and Identity // 3:41
State of Hip-Hop // 4:11
Showing love to artists outside of Taylor Gang // 4:55
West Coast Hip-Hop // 5:40
Snoop & B.Real paving the culture // 6:30
Endorsements // 7:40
Ninja Turtles collaboration // 8:41
Ty Dolla $ign // 9:58
Artistry in music vs acting // 12:08
Favorite record on Blacc Hollywood // 13:40
What’s next // 14:25
Listening to criticism // 15:06
Stating your opinion // 16:09
Fan base // 16:56

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TheTaylor says:

Thats the shit wiz best song House in the hills I have it replayed 24/7
best one

MyYKz says:

Damn wiz has changed out since the black and yellow days 

DJ Skee says:

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Blacc Hollywood Debuts at #1 – Find out why here: Wiz
Khalifa x DJ SKEE – Dash Radio Interview #TGOD #WizKhalifa #BlaccHollywood
#DJSKEE #DashRadio 

ronnizamov96 says:

Ask wiz next time on the show if he would consider doing a Kush and orange
juice 2 mixtape 

ctnative203 says:

who is that bad snow bunny in the background!

Ernie Battles says:

Wow. I like this fucking station they got topic times in the description
and shit good job it’s about fucking time

Dee PlaysGames says:

Dope studio, dope interview. 

3r8mo says:

Good interview

Justin Bratton says:

This nigga got no business talking about “the state of hip hop” foh

Louie Fleurant says:

Wiz High Go Homeeee

NH Beats says:

blacc hollywood goes hard

Dr. Lampshade says:

I can’t tell if I like DJ Skee or not…Dope interview tho

MuShorty15 says:

Lol got the album cover wrong 

PIASKI says:

Fiji water :)

Nathan Dixon says:

Who dat in the back?

K Fischer says:

the thirsty white bitch in the bakround was chomping at the bit…lmfao

Michael Hope says:

that laugh 13:12

WTFxW0W says:

thirsty bitches in the background..

Stateof MindBeats says:

dayym all that money and wiz cant afford a baby sitter

Sane Torres says:

U wack Kid,,,

Mokuro Rokudo says:

Why does no one ever ask wiz khalifa about the office hours 1st song?!! lol

Dukie Forlife says:

Great interview, Wiz one of the coolest dudes out there

BlindlyZack says:

i ate a bacon sandwich and a bowl of chunky chicken with rice soup before
the 10 minute mark

NaSaKiD1000 says:


sampson marshall says:

This is flex from tgod blacc Hollywood is a movement think people! 

avery robinson says:

First album status number 1 for me then though this album is great

Gio Saucedo says:

T.G.O.D Forever !!!

Everardo Gil says:


KryptoNProductionsC4 says:

Name of the blondie in the back ?


Who is the blonde girls in the background?

Brian Markley says:

Wiz is a cool dude. 

Roby Roby says:

i wanna fuck that bitch in the back so bad

MiMi La says:

Very nice parental interaction. Admirable

Red Durag says:

that blonde girl in the back made me watch the whole interview 

leonard yeonard says:

2eight is myfavorite.

Vinícius Chianca says:


steven worley says:

Wiz looks tired and burnt out


Wiz is straight killing it! I think his music is getting better every year,
he motivates and inspires us to work hard and to be different. Cant wait
for the next project #tgodforlife 

Kijano Rivs says:

who is that blonde?and wtf she is doing there

Nmberz says:

17:03 what sad soul still uses myspace??

Raymond Nichols Jr says:

wiz is so cool. BlaccHollywood is great album. To me its better than ONIFC 

Anthony Zepade says:

Nice video 

Jose Ayala says:

Fuck all this local hollywood rappers that think they running the
game..motherfuckers just thirsty for fame..

krishna singh says:

kevin fatemi says:

Great interview

Michael McKelvy says:

DJ Skee has some of the dopest interviews. Keep doin yo thang bruh!


I actually thought people would be like “aww myspace is out” but a lot of
people still use it I guess.

suri market says:

dis dood is lame asf ctfu

vteckiller100 says:

I understand why wiz changed cause he wants to be different but at the end
of the day im a wiz fan no matter what

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