Ableton Live Tutorial: How to Create DJ Mixes

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Many DJs use Ableton Live to mix when they’re away from the decks. In this video I’ll show you how to create a DJ mix in Ableton Live’s arrangement view using automation.

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Kenny Zail says:

Question: How do you warp a song that starts before 1.1.1 so that the
metronome is correct.

Spektro Music says:

Thanks a lot !! I ve always mixed live but now i want to start using
Ableton Live to Mix 😀 Thanks again

Armando Larios says:

WOw! the most helpfull video!!! thousands of blah blah videos. Thank you.

zwarv says:

very helpful, thanks!

Andre Lopez says:

Name of the songs?

Tristan Bois says:

Hey nice vids, just one question what about the bpm when it get faster. If
I want to go 120 to 122-123bpm ?

Joshua Schweigert says:

Great video! Love it!

Alfredo Vazquez says:

Perfectly explain, exactly what i want i needed!!
Thanks a lot

wwebssmusic says:

Could I play a mix of this type live with a laptop for example in
arrangementview and also glitch it with midi controllers which are bound to
effects ? I make experimental hip hop and going to have a show so really
need an answer 

Mikey B says:

A compressor on the master is going squish the dynamic range on all your
tunes. If you wanna quit clipping, a limiter is what you want. You do not
want any gain reduction added to the mix.

rainboowrock says:

Awesome! Thank You!

Ярослав Макаров says:

Thanks for video. Please, explain why you used compessor?

Jimo says:

@thedjpodcast Thanks! I think the only issue im having is that Ableton
doesn’t seem to sync songs to the master tempo very well. I kind of get
that double beat thing that happens if two songs are not running at the
exact same tempo D:

thedjpodcast says:

It takes a lot longer to explain how to do something than it is to do it.
If you’re using Live to do mixes like this often, you most likely have a
template set up so that you don’t need to add the plugins and automation
lanes each time.

Anton Joseph says:

this reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllyyy helped thanks

thedjpodcast says:

You’re right to some extent. It isn’t THAT exciting. However, it is a
process used by many DJs to create the weekly radio shows and podcasts that
you listen to every week.

arcadeeeee26 says:

Thank You!!! Your video is very clear and easy to understand!!

Jorge Sotomayor says:

Great Video Thank you !

Faris2501 says:

is it possible to midi map faders of knobs to mix live but they just play
and sync automatically thanks

TheOasisMusicNetwork says:

Subscribed! 🙂

Raymond Amaya says:

couldn’t you just use a limiter?

Matthew Walsh says:

I tried using FL studio at first and it was total Greek to me. Ableton just
made sense. I think it is whatever feels right. I really like some of the
things that my friends make in FL studio but every time I try to use it it
feels wrong. There are some issues with using ableton for DJing but overall
it has been the best for my live performances.

thedjpodcast says:

It smooths out the difference in volumes between tracks.

Ratish P says:

Can I utilize an iPad perhaps with TouchOSC to help mix down tracks? I
planned to use it with Abelton but I wasn’t sure how it may help in
creation a mix, everything i have seen is from a DJ performance

Prapanch Tamuli says:

It depends on what u wna do. Go with FL if u find it easier. Ableton is a
very pretty DAW BTW. Its neat, n clean. More organized.

thedjpodcast says:

I guess it’s a good thing we have a video on warping 😉

thedjpodcast says:

@tGJimo That would indicate to me that your tracks aren’t warped, or aren’t
warped correctly.

grawlick123 says:

Using Ableton looks like a pain in the ass. Compared to FL Studio, how hard
is it to get decently familiar with Ableton?

one4dee says:

How are you supposed to make a mix fast!! This is 11 minutes on two tunes!

medmedmed says:

hey, thanks for this video, very helpful, could you please link me that
separate video tutorial?

grawlick123 says:

Okay, thank you for your time.

punknart says:

what if both songs have different bpm. How do I tempo match them

3xp-Ress says:

Thanks or the tutorial really helped, just have to learn how to warp tracks
and ill be good 🙂

thedjpodcast says:

Yes, it should. Though it will take you more time due to the change in
tempo throughout the tracks.

dinfluence30 says:

thanks..really helpfull

Jimo says:

I’ve used turntables for many many years now and I’m rather interested in
experimenting with Ableton for the exact purposes you listed in the
description. This has been very helpful, thanks!

one4dee says:

Oh! I was thinking it was something along those lines, trying my hand at it
the first time tonight knowing only how to mix with cdjs and turntables.
Your tutorial was helpful!

tl125 says:

Can dj mix be done in Abelton live lite 6?


show off lol



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