Awesome Dubstep DJ !!!!!!!!

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WOW, This DJ is tearing it up Dubstep style!

Best of the bests!!!


jair Chavez says:

Song 2:40??

marcussn2000 says:

Yes yes he have a hack!

rikzel says:

Technicly it’s not a dj, and I bet that not a lot of people will enjoyfully
listen to this a whole night, so do you really call it a skill if it is not
good to listen for a whole night? of course it takes some training, but
babys need to train walking too, is it that cool if they can walk after a
while? no. no hating, but just think about it. respect for the lots of
training tho.

MadoSonico says:

To do that you must train with straws

Mr Prodigy says:

Dude ive been looking for this all year

marcussn2000 says:

Hardest trigger Finger of the World! He dont Need scuf, he is scuf!
He Shot with the FAL like a scorpion! 

Gabriela Cruz says:


Killerzac says:

Yeah but can he play Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu ?

Sreehary Music says:

what the….. magic fingers!!!!

Riley Easter says:

He ahs recored a skrillex song and acts like hes playing it on a broken one
Masre Mineds

Google Has_Your_Data says:


f1rstpinoy says:

What gadget is he using?

山野登也 says:

▂▅▇█▓▒ (゜Д゜) ▒▓█▇▅▂ SUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE

BitMinecraft says:

i dont really like it and its a remix of skrillex songs

Gabriela Cruz says:

whats that song called

l Ninjas l says:

holy crap…

Xekaz Music & Gaming says:

Video was sped up… Did no one else catch that…?

LoL says:

shit !

Leeron Müller says:

Wats the name from the dj???

TheFender101 says:

1:05 – 2:05 .. i mean its damn fast but it sounds absolutely annoying..
close your eyes and listen to it you’ll get the impression your speakers
are broken :D

Rieke B. says:

His Girlfriend must be very Happy

Adam Tomaszewicz says:

You must be so poor if think this is a dubstep. Its sounds just like a
crazy saw cut wrrrwrrrrwrwr in production. That would be a shame for a real
dubstep creators as f.e. Nero.

myie ashton says:

This guy is awesome

Iñigo Gallego says:

(explota mi cabeza)

Orkotuk says:


TheBlackDead says:

what the last dubstep name

Torey Beauchum says:

He kinda sound like crap in the middle when he is rapidly hitting the

Nuel Ha says:


Daniiel Madrid says:

Cinema Skrillex -.-

Anggie Saputra says:

awesome… (y)

Blipper says:

How does he do it.

spahpanzer says:

intenta hacer como skrillex y no llega ni a una mierda de imitacion. La
gente k lo intenta imitar no saben k skrillex es el puto dios y k como el
no hay nadie ._.

Joro Marinov says:

Actually he is not DJ in the default meaning of the term, he is doing a
life performance.

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