Caution DJ Tutorial – Dubstep Mixing for Beginners with the Numark Mixtrack Pro

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Tracks used:
Magnetic Man – I Need Air
Rusko – Woo Boost
Chase & Status – Eastern Jam
Doctor P – Vampire Dub

This tutorial is designed to help new DJs get to grips with the basics of Dubstep mixing with the Numark Mixtrack, although this may also help someone using CDJs too. Because all of the tracks used are in the key of E, mixing them is very easy. This should give you an idea of how to practice and what tracks to use, you can find the keys of tracks by using a piano with a trained ear or some DJ software like Virtual DJ.


Dultra says:

If youre amazed by this…..idk what to say…..Tip of the iceberg i
BTW…. The controller he is using is the Mixtrack Pro, i would reccomen
the DDJ-SB, better build quality and has many features……Also looks more
proffesional, instead of looking like your dj’ing with a toy
All he did was blend, nothing else……Simple things

Raven Dubs says:

Badass… I’m buying that thing

Nate Triggy says:

its proper noise lad.your doing a whole load of nothing… what happened to
mix n blend….smh…

Avionic Studios says:

i’m curious as to how he figured out the key of all of the songs… can
anyone throw me that info???

Kokito says:

Do they have to be the same bpm?

247bboy says:

that’s not bad at all well done

Hugo Frich says:

dude fing amazing do u think i could do this on the pioneer ddj sb

PeetersanadKai PEETERSAN says:

how much does it cost

King Clarkus says:

great video nowI have a general idea of what artists are doing

Shot Through Karl says:

Hey lads, huge fan, just gonna start adding videos to my mixes as
Soundcloud keep blocking my shit! Twats! Anyway, just wondering where and
how you have your camera positioned to get this shot? I just bought a sexy
HD cam and I can’t seem to get a decent angle like this? Cheers in advance

De Skaffatar says:

or i need air magnatic man 

De Skaffatar says:

ministry of sound

Anthony Davila says:

Hi +CautionCrisis this was great, but did you use virtual DJ pro? is that
how you got the key of each track? if so, cost and how to get it? 

fredEVOIX says:

I don’t really like dubstep but as a dj that was mixing before you were
born lol it was intersting to watch anyway, still not convinced about those
controllers I have so many keys mapped on the keyboard (using VDJ) I feel
like I’m loosing control with them, the jogs I would really like tough 😉
If you don’t have those commands mapped somewhere you should add them :
deck 1 goto -1
deck 1 goto +1
deck 1 goto -4
deck 1 goto +4
deck 2 goto -1
they allow you to jump from 1 beat to another or by block of 4 beats
(for beginners) techno is based on patterns of 4 to 8 beats and you want
to align your tracks at the beginning of one of those patterns or it will
sound bad
the jump 1 bass command allows you to fix that if you started the 2nd track
at the wrong time
the jump 4 basses command allows you to quickly skip boring parts of a
track almost seamlessly, or advance and then go back into a track for fun,
you can even do it on the main track playing but maybe not on dubstep (too
many rough changes I think) works great for regular techno and house that
have smoother transitions between one pattern and the other.

ed mc says:
ProductionBandit says:

dude that was fucking awesome
mad stoked that someone actually had those particular songs in an example,

SuperScreany says:

I wish I had as much skill as you. But I did only get the controller a day

AMFADband says:

well done good sir….

Bertil Schou Poulsen says:

NIce :D

NothinButGear says:

good stuff

Simon Kim says:

Is there stuff easier than this, I’m an actual beginner and this is too
hard for me to do I can’t move that fast.

17th arc airsoft says:

how did you record it .Did you use an external mic or through the computer

Jack Chi says:

how do you know which song is good to mix with another..?

Monika Johnson says:

Not normally my thing but I was most impressed! WoW!

bass player says:

what is the first song?

raleshK says:

Great Mixing :D

Nobu Kun says:

Obey!! Got my R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Dreadful XtaC says:

Nice mix bro helped me tons thanks

Tamanaco Quijada says:

Hey man, just wanted to congratulate you on this video. Very nice, and
pretty helpful! Gonna try it out right now :p

Zeek1212 says:

Transition at 4:07 is siiiick

MoneyDubplates says:

Good tutorial, I’m just wondering how have you gotten the 3 cue’s for each
song ready before you mix? 

scootkidz1315$$$ says:

what is the song called 

DjChunky says:

i was 666,666 view

Gonzalo Ramos says:

You used Serato or Virtual DJ?

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