D.J. Grothe: How to Be a Bad Skeptic (2012)

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D.J. Grothe of the James Randi Educational Foundation tells us all how to be a great skeptic (or not) at QED 2012 in Manchester.

Music: Milton Mermikides
Editor: Mike Hall


Patrick Xavier says:

Very nice talk

Richard Murray says:

I fear that some people took away the wrong message on watching this


ElevatorGATE says:

28:00 / 29:00 – In addition to DJ Grothe & James Randi, add: Simon Singh
(who is not white, obviously)

Javanka says:

Wonderful! Got really good laugh 😀

MonkeyOnionBottle says:

You know who else is a fraud? A fraud convicted in Federal court for
criminal fraud? The cofounder of the JREF.

Cherry Teresa says:

Wonderful talk and insightful questions from the audience.

TheCardinalFang says:

@MonkeyOnionBottle – according to a public statement by D.J. Grothe, the
aforementioned person you hint at was the longtime partner of the JREF’s
founder James Randi, as well as a longtime volunteer to the organisation
BUT he was not a co-founder of the JREF, neither was he a director of it.
But – does the actions of an individual who has nothing to do with QEDcon
have any relevence at all? Skepticism is about empirical evidence and
science, not just one person

Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande Thyrum says:

Obviously this guy knows jack shit about Mensa.

BiggsyDaBoss says:

“We need to be soldiers”, “we need to fight & use (our) reason as a
weapon”. I hope he was being ironic. I’m fed up hearing messages about
truth & reason, that are heavily based upon dogma.

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