DJ 101 – Learn to DJ with Serato – Part 1

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Coming Up This Week In Dj 101 We Were Hanging Out With Dj Leanne At School Of Mix In. She Showed Us Tricks To Getting Started On Serato Scratch Live. Check out these links for more info.

One More Drink – Bootleg






showsomeheart says:

For an absolute beginner, some of the info in this shed more light than the
many beat matching tutorials I’ve seen here on youtube. Would like to have
seen you beat match and match the tempo in both songs in the same video

Eric Harper says:

Shes very pretty when she be counting off. lol

Sugam Bhatia says:

could you please tell me the dj site you have mentioned? 2:26

Daniel Flores says:

I love you…Thanks!

GravityHead says:

Typical chick. Talks to much and then doesn’t even show you how beat match
on this tutorial! This video could have been done in 2 min if she just
would have SHUT THE FUCK UP and do it… lol

michiganfan725 says:

when did the waitress start djing?

Angela Chan says:

thanks! you are a great teacher!

Ana Roosen says:

you are soo awesome!

213machoballer says:

+DJVIBE TV you start counting at the start of the song or the boom beat..thanks

nughaga says:

@extintorish omg 7 quarter notes in each bar. AKA 7 beats in every bar. so
you count like this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 2,2,3,4,5,6,7 3,2,3,4,5,6,7 4,2,3,4,5,6,7

CMKify says:

wow. this is a very good video. ive wanted to stay on vinyl but it seems
like im the only amateur dj that dont have serato. i REALLY need to
upgrade. thank you.

shangrigreige says:

Is she kneeling?

Coatl Rock says:

she’s cool

Benny Dee says:


Eddie Molina says:

I love this Vid

Mark Sferrazza says:

I’m very impressed with her delivery of the information and it was put into
simple understandable terms. as for the other negative posts, it’s “quite
clear” the these people think that they are the only ones who are in the
industry. They seem to forget that there are people just starting out that
haven’t reach “God status” yet. BTW, every master was once a disaster!!! If
you can’t say anything constructive, don’t say anything.

fleedermouse says:

yeah deadmaus is a pioneer of 7/8 time heard hes good on the tabla too

Mike Diligent says:

u look like my ex haha her name was leanne anoll.

foxIIbassoonist says:

@KevonTheDude with serato scratch live, which she is using, you need two
cdjs or turntables, a mixer, and a serato interface

cris castaneda says:

Go Purchase A Serato Soundcard Go home and Plug it in .

blurredfigure says:

this was crazy helpful 😀 😀

gnquijada says:

4/4 time haha so many people jump into music but don’t know how to measure

Tupac Shakur says:

i bet she’s lesbian

beasta619 says:

she breaks it down makes alot of sense, this is a really good intro video!

moderndayrambo says:

If you can do it by ear , and not count the bars like me 🙂 youll be very
good 😉

DwSubCraft says:

droppin names but wont crush a grape in a fruit fight

FreshBoyGaming says:

Wat Kind Of Mixer And TurnTables R Those

xclr8ted says:

Too fucking technical, enough with all the counting………..what happen
to playing by ear, knowing the song, and playing for fun, when did that go
out the window? Too many iPod dj’s out there………..

LA s Finest says:

@Freszuuu since you’re such a real DJ….i’d like for you to post a vid of
you actually mixing. Not some lame ass vid with a pic on it and music
playing over it. FYI, you HAVE TO beat match with serato….it’s not like
you press on and the shit starts playing music and mixing for you while you
sit back and have a coke and a fucking smile. Dumbass!!

Parker Robinson says:

Is there anywhere I can buy that One More Drink bootleg? It’s super chill!

levy3poop says:

Phrases in music aren’t necessarily determined by how many bars you’ve gone
through. It’s just when something new happens or the music changes. In
which case, happens to be 8 bars in for a lot of house

dillitex says:

@nughaga LOL NooB

Jennifer W says:

4/4 is used in the majority of music, hence the name “common time”. I’m
pretty sure she knows you can use other signitures, but teaching people
proper music theory would require an entire other video series, and that’s
not what this is about.

coreyjohn94 says:

yeah he just presses play and watches lol

keepcool1219 says:

thank you very much that was very descriptive, keep it up~

poppalarge68 says:

This lady is fine as hell.. I sorta forgot all about serato, and just
started focusing on her..

djantastikLBC says:

and i have the same mixer 🙂

ThisIsRappersDelight says:


Miguel Valenzuela says:

I love this girl lol

SebassTheDJ says:

@tjsmith51 if it controlls serato, it’s timecoded:)

Dr.Vadgers says:

I’m a Traktor Dj, I had to learn how to use Serato in 1 hour. This helped
me XD

tonyspinningg says:

@dcardena626 Well said! And for all of you guys just starting and some
“veterens”… LEARN TO BEAT MATCH!!! If you don’t, it’s like saying you
know how to ride a bicycle but you can’t do it without the training wheels!
lol . . .

Ehxon says:

@dcardena626 i still use vinyl to this day and would consider both other
versions to be sell outs. serato is for people who steal music instead of
supporting the industry. if you cant afford to buy music you shouldnt be
djing and making money off of it! vinyl for life! keep the faith alive!

basshead52 says:

whats that song at the begining?

Ashan Perera says:

@dcardena626 Great point, all types of musicians have to evolve. However
the way some of these programs are built, allows ‘DJs’ to make
remixes/productions at home then practically play it in a club without even
touching the decks. I’ve seen people on videos and live just dance around
their decks or skull a drink straight though a transition or drop of the
beat. Definitely not saying your one of these so called ‘DJs’, considering
your said background with vinyl etc. Some just abuse the art.

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