Dj Boonie – I Will Learn To Love Again

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lyrics to the song i will learn to love again by dj boonie. plz comment and rate. Enjoy!


courtney31266 says:

how do ya make a video :S

chilleating says:

I (L) this songg !! Its the best in this version xx

unloveyou90 says:

i love this songg soo much because i will learn to love again because that
one divv headd brokee me down and iwill learn when to say no and enouhhh !

Kinleykitty1 says:

I love this video and the song is amazing , it means alot to me ๐Ÿ˜€

HappyCookiie says:

cute lyrics! i love this version of the song!!!! โ™ฅ

Isobel Quick says:

omfg i LOVE this song ive faved it and subscried luvs ya xD

KerixLynnx18 says:

if only the lyrics were typed right without the double “i” and the 3 as an
e. and its to LOVE again…not lurve.

Malorie Wishart says:

i think i pretty much raped the replay button ๐Ÿ˜€

x3KiiSSKiiSS09 says:


krazyforegiggles says:

My boyfriend is moving in two days , so we broke up. Although i cant stop
crying this song makes me feel so much better about myself and it makes
love sound easier then it actually is.. <3

Paige Lindsey says:

love love love this i learnt to love a song hopefully i can learn to love
someone different than my ex :'( xx

ShazzaN01 says:

kwl kwl kwl

PuziiH says:

Hadde det bare gรฅtt an og skrive ordentelig, lol xD Men ellers, nice vid :p

Amber Evans says:

The 4 people that have disliked this carnt learn to love agen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zuzka Novรกkovรก says:

Beeeeeeeest xD

victoria6121 says:

i love this tune ๐Ÿ™‚ and the film its in the perfect man lmao xx

zedaxlove98 says:

The stupid 4 people need to go suck a donkey,

lisao801 says:

luv this song, its soo true. used this song as a example to couple friends
that split up wiv gf/bf. and believe me its the truth. makes y think bout
past but makes y smile wen ur happy and realize this song is true. luv my
lad loads mwah xxx

DjSoundaz says:

nice music only one point to work to: Please, make those lyrics clear and
don’t put them in some kind of failed chatlanguage


love this song its amazing x x

weirdozDnT says:

does anybody know where i cn get these songs from?? so i cn upload them or
cn u send me them on my youtube email pplz??

MizzBabiieeCakess says:

my bf broke up with me a few days ago, ive been accused of things i havent
done, i loved him so much, he broke me down, the thing is, as much as i try
to forget about him, i cant, :'(

mlccharlottex says:

from the perfect man ๐Ÿ˜€

kirarin242 says:

Luv dj boonie she roxz!XD!

Magali De Clerck says:

i love this song realyy hard x i know this

chantal hoelahoep says:

this song is so beautiful

Lisa-Claire Walsh says:

I will learn to love again ๐Ÿ˜€

kibasbbygurl619 says:

this reminds me of my ex bf =(..

iminlovenow12345 says:

x.x i hope i get over him :’..

xxxSexyStephxx says:

when my ex broke up with me i was devostated i felt like my whole world was
turned upside down buh now ive found this new lad and ive been with him two
months noww i did learn to love again just keep believing and it will
always work out for you x <3

2012vampirequeen says:

haertbrake maybe painful bt in the long run it makes u stronger ^^

chloeandcodysimpson1 says:

this is a great video thanx for the upload and i love this song

jessibaby94 says:

This Songs Mintted xx (Y)

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