DJ Craze performs on the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2

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*** Please note: Video contains lyrics that some people might consider explicit ***

When it comes to matching the latest technology with world-class turntablism skills to produce next-level routines, Miami’s DJ Craze is the ultimate choice.

In this video, the 5x DMC World Champion showcases the power of the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH generation by creating a live dubstep remix, controlled by his golden Technics turntables and two controllers.

KONTROL X1 is used to play a live beat using one-shot drum samples in TRAKTOR’s new Sample Decks, while Craze also triggers various other samples and cue points with his custom white MASCHINE controller. A beat juggling section in the middle leads to the finale where Craze combines fast cue-point juggles and vocal samples with the integrated TRAKTOR effects.

All things combined, this latest Turntable Tricknology routine effectively highlights the vastly expanded creative potential of the new TRAKTOR generation. For more videos and detailed product information, please see:


chris says:

One more time hatters. So much talk and couldn’t scratch your own back.

mrtvicovek says:

WORLD !!!! 

D. Booey says:

*[ DJ Craze performs on the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 ]*

OK.. Forget the last video (Sorry Q!), but #djcraze is my boy!


I forgot how much I love this shit! 

Dooble Tea says:

who can i become the Motherfucking monster sound ?

adrian sanchez says:

such an old mixer…

mrtvicovek says:


frederic raahauge says:

Can someone tell me which setup he’s using? Everything that was used in the
video including the turntable name

LulzorX10 says:

Looks so easy I’m buying this now and going to be smashing it by next
month. Keep an eye out for DJ Everyonecan!

Cameron Franklin says:

what type of mixer is that?

Eleemy gingerlily says:

i prefer artist whe create their music with a keyboard and some controllers
rather who joke with the song of someone else

trufe4 says:

got my first pair of decks in like 03. stantons with a pair of craze
cartridges. those carts took a god damn beating for years and stood up.
then were broken by a dumb ass hole trying teach a stripper how to spin.
only problem is he had never used turntables in his life. shoulda seen the
shit storm when i walked into the room and realized the styli (styluses?)
were basically noodles. any game he attempted to spit at that stripper was
voided when i treated him like an unwanted child.

Iron Family says:

Marty Party – I’m Motherfucking Monster (Aquillan’s Remix)

joseluis cano says:


Track Master Steve says:

DJ Craze performs on the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2:

DuckAlert UK says:


Cariboufonik Delafree says:
Emre Esiyok says:

Everything is very nice.Its ok ! BUT !!! WTF ? Video cutting ???Fasting
!!!!! What is this man ?? 

Aurelio Garcia says:

yes the music is sukage…good t_____t work I gues..hasent changed since
th3 90’s

nameloc1000 says:

this guy wasss fuckin nuts at beta night club in denver you want to talk
about some heavy drops 

xDraeMz PvP says:


kalom montgomery says:

aaron dulai says:


Yoga Flame EDM says:

Thanks I hate juggling even more now lol

David Hasslehoff says:


Eugene Brockmuller says:

this is soooooo fuggen shiet

Dohsfeck Anarkia Crew says:


Chachi Matiu says:

Fucken Solid shhhhhhhh can you hear the world going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rokkon says:

its real Epic from 0:00 to 0:36 .. after that Epic mix are just unnessary
crap …
But you beast man

DJ Frost says:

Dammit Man !!! Raw Stuff !!!

SuperOoBoO Masta says:

hola, what’s the track routine’s name?

Kevin Romero says:

Oh my god

Vince Mitrou says:

I dont understand is this suppose to be good or bad? Is this even
considered music? Fuck it.. enjoy. I hope you all grow out of it when you
hit 20 yrs old.

Rafi Makaro says:

Not talking about the skills but that music is garbage, sorry…

Tommaso Sposato says:

from 0:34 to 1:16 was very good

Adam Gitspuutwada says:

Been listening to him since United DJ’s of America vol.16, he’s the best
for sure!

Markus Arike says:

Amazing what he did to Kanye West’s Monster. Chopping the master of the
chopped sample himself. Mind blown. 

Massive Music says:

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