DJ Khaled – Hold You Down ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Jeremih

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DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Jeremih – Hold You Down


Kim Horn says:

They don’t mean this as in, let me do the work women belong in the kitchen.
it’s more like I wanna take care of you and spoile you. they don’t say
anything negative about women

Claire Carter says:

Don’t get me wrong I love the song! Although it promotes too many bad
things such as: sex, drugs, liquor which that’s normal for these rap/r&b
songs! So that’s not the thing that gets me all fired up! The fact that
they trying to tell girls/women they should just stay home and wait for
them to hold them down as in take care of them money wise and then all
their basically needed for is sex it proves that in the video itself.
Sorry, but women can be smart in other ways by using their brain, getting a
education and working their dang selves. We don’t want to go back to the
olden days and depend on our husbands money and let them make the
decisions. We’re not a mans puppet. Then future gonna say “This sh** is
deeper than love”, and grabs and holds up his gold chains, sorry but that
materialistic stuff is not more important than love. Haha maybe to them
because that’s all they care about, and they buy their love and women. Then
it’s move on to the next one. Also they say in the song “When he’s gone,
I’ll hold you down”, so they promoting cheating too! How the girl gonna be
yours forever if you do that and move on from girl to girl and they have a
man too.

G Clay says:

thought that was fly

Sean Blanco says:

DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Jeremih – Hold You Down
#chrisbrown #augustalsina #future #jeremih #djkhaled 

Graham Barth says:

Say Hulk name. You smawt. Hulk no smash. You a genius. Say Hulk name.

Sidebar: is Khaled retarded? I’m gonna feel bad for laughing if he is…

Tonia Folkes says:

Needed more Chris Brown in my opinion

Keyori says:

DJ Khaled is a fucking joke lmfao wtf is wrong with this guy “…Hold on!
Say my name.” What a fucking idiot.

YoungA170 says:

It would have been better without future in my opinion

jasmin garcia says:

Why is y’all arguing over a fucking song?? Its not that serious its a song
let it go

Angel Gonzales says:

When he said you is smart I though he was going to say you is right.

Wvlle says:

DJ Khaled is soo corny. Good song tho, needed more Jeremiah and less

Sydni Grant says:

-____- dj khaled was so irrelevant, wit his headphones at the end promoting
ass lmao

H4M24UK says:

DJ Khaled: Say ma name
Hoe: Dj Khaled
DJ Khaled: Say ma name
Hoe: DJ khaled
…………………………………..Dj Khaled: YOU SMART!!!

Toshi says:

Why is Chris Brown wearing Khaleds t-shirt?

Escobar600GOAT_NODEBATING. says:

If you like this comment………YOU SMART!!! YOU A GENIUS!!! I APPRECIATE

James Ghost says:

*Checkout The Remix I Just Uploaded By Clicking My Picture!*

TheKingFadez says:

What other song is that “ooh ooh ooh ooh” at 1:34 I think it may be one of
futures song but if you heard it before please tell me

Abdulbaset Kone says:

The Dj Khalid scene where he gives money for free is so retarded

Gav Besal says:


Greenie O'Wobbles says:

Am I the only person who thinks that August Alsina and Jeremih sound the

siphesihle dakile says:

lol dude, listen to this dumb ass nigga khaled +Sharon Obisie-Orlu 

Lunar Ball says:

Hahahha fucking garbage who the fuck listens to this shit
DJ Khaled
Ayy fucking lmao

Michael Maniaci says:

lmao aint no female that damn loyal to a nigga wit money to the point when
you just wanna give them 100K for no reason. SHIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. good
song tho Khaled.

DayLight95 says:


qazwsx6525 says:

Why is he wearing capris?

Chatsity Walker says:

August Alsina & Chris Brown

Kassidy Perez says:
Delisa Mayers says:

i thought he was quoting the help in the beginning 

Demi Mahone says:

This is my shit right here. Love this fucking song.

William Hannah says:

This girl guessed this nigga name and got a 401k cash out

Michael Watkins says:

This is one of the best r&b collabs out there

Rebecca Rainbow says:

Oh my god, DJ kahled is such a twat. He doesn’t understand how awkward this
video is..

Londongyal7Tiyarna says:

This song sounds messy, too many good singers in 1 song

shotgunfacelift355 says:

Catchy song but the talking parts to the girls was condescending as fuck.
The fuck? You didn’t know they’re loyal cause they don’t want that money
pipeline to dry up? You don’t think they’re hanging around cause they love

KingToops says:

DJ Khalid fuck know how to spell this niggas name but that was some corny
ass shit he was saying he just completely fuck this whole video up lmao say
my name baby 

Nathan King says:

Dj khaled is fat and so fucking corny lol. Paid doe

carl revell says:

are these the guys that females fall for even though they turn down the
boys at there school because they dont meet there expectations???

Danielle OhDanielle says:

The struggle is real. You mean to tell me I wasted 4 years in college, and
all it takes to be smart is to say your name. F*************ckkkkkk!

Arinze Nwokolo says:

Chris Brown, August Alsina, & Jeremih on one song…. That hook is too
sick!! Chris Brown Owned this song!!! This is a Tune!!!

CP Junior says:

Ok. Can someone please tell me which ones Jeremih nd which ones August
Alsina. They both sound the same lol. Nd Idk what either one looks like. 

NoGenre says:

who only came here to see DJ Khaleds part lmao! 

TaLiyah Pate says:

This is constantly on repeat

Fehzan Vayani says:

DJ Khaled talking about the streets lmao

Dawn J says:

I absolutely love this song !! BUT DJ Khaled you are toooooo much in a bad
way . Recognize your place which is a good producer behind the seen. You
are just over top just straight up extra and for what ?. You clearly have
too many ” yes” people around you. Because somebody should have told you to
sit the fuck down!!!.
Instead of We the Best, You are on way to We To Much #overkill

kaydee says:

LOL. At this entire video. 

Anonymous says:

#HoldYouDown #AugustAlsina #ChrisBrown #Future #Jeremih #DjKhaled

Ashley Bekrou says:

I love the fact he brought some of the RnB boys on one track however He
should have replaced future and brought Trey songz

GabyMichelleTV says:

P.O.P hold it down! Donna Goudaeu brought me here 

A'Leah Washington says:

I’m sorry Future shouldn’t have been in this song. but other then that it’s

kenny ross says:

maybe they should have go a girl who can speak good english?

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