DJ Sos Hospital Records Mix DnB

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A Mixture of old and new tunes from Hospital Records.

Now a member of Hospital Records Street Team, I will be helping to promote their Artists, nights and releases.

All tracks played on this video can be found at:

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ger102001 says:

i just love that beat so contagious

Damien Martin says:

Nice mix, ms selector. Hospital is quality

1000lolkow says:

I can`t turn it off!;) great mix girl, love it !!! 🙂

supersharpshots says:

I love you SOS honey and I’m proud

66guidos says:

Another awesome mix – nice one! How have you uploaded a 34 minute video?
Thought the max was 15?!!?!?!

Paulo Gomes says:

por favor onde posso encontrar a musica do 4:00mts minutos com essa versão,
eu não encontro no you tube. Você esta de parabéns pelas escolhas da musica.

RaZOrl says:

sweeeet the first DnB mix i listen to was yours and now i just love it and
im happy to listen some from you since so long time^^ never stop this great
shit babe 😀

gossfunkel says:

mind popping up to Scotland and giving me a lesson or two? xD nvm give me a
few years, I might catch up ma’am. Then we shall DUEL at DAWN, our decks
FLASHING in the low slung sun. Or maybe have some tea. Yes, tea shall do.

TheCyberprofit says:

You have brought back some of the sweetest memories, you have a real
talent. I love and have always loved Hospital Records. Sister rip that
Vinly up, you have a true talent and have been blessed. The energy I got
from Hospital, was like no other. Some of the best times of my lifex Thanks
for opening my doors again. Where do you spin? I promise I will be there to
support you and make merry:) Thank you again

volkersvaugen says:

if you need a good track let me know, will be glad to help ya out.

Taf Chiganze says:

Not bad for a girl, above mediocre keep the flavas coming u minx

volkersvaugen says:

nice tracking, have not been here in a while been making new music, its ok.

sinner9635 says:

pretty nice

stylesuxx23 says:

thx for reupping this great mix 🙂

Arne Polfliet says:

congrats yvette with your marriage plans

stonkinman says:

there is still life in the forest of dean! Thanks for new mix tho hospital
dont do rockers and you have used them so well in the past. Being of a
certain age its one of the things ive always enjoyed about your mixes. Any
chance of a rockers heavy mix for your ageing supporters who are still
dancing round kitchen to fugees mix. Dr Alimontado- best dressed chicken
would be a guaranteed party starter. My the funk go with you..

שמעון אוקי says:

wow good idea vinly is grate !! Keep on that

Angel de la Iglesia says:

congrats for be on the hospital records street team , i follow your mixes
years agoo 🙂

Darxas Novellino says:

I will deffinitly see you in a couple years as one of the top djs/producers
out there 😉

Emmi Basel says:

i like your sound so much. greets from Switzerland

kudge43 says:

great mix,what mixer are you using?

schreibmichab says:

your in my sister baby, your in my siiister baby !

erik ferko says:


PatockaDnB says:

absolutely amazing ! i love you sos ! 🙂

Alex charles says:

Dj Sos Wicked ladie! nice selection,keep it comin!!

JeebuzCrist says:

How come it got removed from Ellaskins schannel?

JeebuzCrist says:

I can’t stop coming back to this mix, it’s so phat.

Yvette Brooks says:

@DeejayChazer yes sorry my mistake

oxhondagodxo says:

good to see you mixing still!!! Love your tunes!

Yvette Brooks says:

@JeebuzCrist he had to remove a load of videos for copyright issues even
though I have been given the go ahead to put this one up

Anthony says:

this chicks hot

Elevated805 says:

What mixer is that?

christopher roberts says:

respect to dj sos, excellent mix and all on technics sl-1200, great tunes

Janine Lehmann says:

<3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

krasnayazvezda1 says:

meeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2;]]]] nice job good to hear old tunes in nowadays

schreibmichab says:

u always rocked sos !

icycoldbaby says:

Damn awesome,loving every mix you doing,wish they never end.

Eenfout says:

This brings back memories, lovely tunes!

Yvette Brooks says:

@Matt805 Pioneer DJM1000

3rd Mix says:

like the mix do you have a facebook page so i can follow you

Yassin Meziane says:

im a underground house music guy,i loved u deep hospital mix im a fan i
fucked good with here resepect xx you cheeks luv this mix again dont wana
finish 4 me

agoodm says:

Two people were deaf

jedkoh says:

Really happy that you are part of the Hospital Records street team, things
really progressed ever since your first 10 mins mix video till now…all
the best! Much from Malaysia…

ben coxon says:

very nice mix sos as all ways keep up the good work hope all is going well
for you in the dj world great mix likein it ****** 5 stare mix great tunes
nice happy vibe to the mix all ways be a fan of your work top stuff

sloppymoo says:

You are AMAZING!!!! absolutely love your sets 😀

ThomPearsonProductions says:

will you marry me? 🙂

David Ruiz Alvarez says:

D= i love you !!!

MrAcfaat says:

so hard to not replay this set

Kid Paradise says:

Thank you for this mix!

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