DJ Tutorial , How to bring the next toon in.

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DJ Tutorial , How to bring the next toon in.
toons taken from cdpool July underground cd 2 2009


thomas birru says:

To be honest your style is like a dude working in Tim Horton, am just
saying change the hat you’re good no lie beside funky hat.:)

axi567 says:

you are the best!!!!!!

Matthias Grip says:

Kittycat! 😀

David Karlsen says:


prankerboys says:

good tutorial

TheJaggedyer says:

I have one question. How much coke did you snort before making this? lol

Вест Хем Јунајтед says:

If i could have that good equipment……..

cabdolla says:

This is a VERY good tutorial John. I like how you show how to listen to the
music and not over do the BASS, and how to isolate certain freq. ranges
(low,mids,highs) when going from one song to another. I will put this
tutorial to use when I practice! 🙂

Deja Vuu says:

Great Video! I’m new and I was wondering….Do the good DJ plan out most of
the songs before a gig or would they listen and adjust as you did here and
just pick whatever song they think would be good at that moment?

bldubl says:


uwais qarni says:

u look like dj skully but just tat u have no hair

schaersvoorde1 says:

your cat looks a lot like ours!

ShadowLordDJ says:

Every DJ I know has a cat I swear lol

SilkEclipse says:


Hyper5nic says:

Excellent tips mate! I’m more into mixing and playing my own music and
samples. But your video’s sure helped me listen more and i’ll surely
experiment and enjoy music making a lot more now. 😉 incidently i
subscribed to your channel too. Keep it up!

documentaryonawasp says:

Not much hayfever.

Morrice79 says:

Nice tutorial!..for biginners!!!

digitalapparition says:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, I have been known to emply
that technique as well. When it comes down to it it’s all about what feels
comfortable to you.

Spock says:

This is one way to become a popular DJ. The other way is almost die in a
plane crash and then die of an overdose.

Da Funk says:

I came from the past! …Joel, is that you?

Leeks UK says:

uv had ur day now m8, give it a break

crazyneil1995 says:


cdhfootball says:

is this the old school deadmau5 with the cat in the background lol

Castro Alexander says:

virtual dj also mixxx

househed7 says:

Appreciate these tips bruv! Nothing like having someone illustrate their
craft on a personal level. Keep em coming.

SilkEclipse says:

Really is that the one?… Thank you so much! 🙂

pouremilee says:


slyfoxterror8 says:

Jonathan thank you for every video you have posted, so informational and so
educational. I mean when i compare any other guy doing tutorial i can’t
even hear their voice :D. So, again i have started working thanks to you,
you are the KING!!!

ballalife07 says:

i love it how you call different pieces of equipment “guys” haha love it
Nice video j

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