Getting started as a DJ: Mixing, mashups and digital turntables – Cole Plante

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DJ and producer Cole Plante is only 17 years old, but he’s already worked alongside industry superstars Skrillex, Avicii and Major Lazer (to name just a few). In this combination talk and DJ set, Plante shows off his mixing magic and gives tips to aspiring DJs.

Talk by Cole Plante.


RLS0812 says:

Since when is stealing music, and than torturing it, considered being a
“DJ” ?

Steve Carrillo says:

Last beat was nice 🙂 does anyone know what song that’s from ? 

jeremy aditya says:

The first mix he mixed kanyewest and what

GuMMy slow says:

what is the music in 7:40 minute?

Taro Pritchard says:

9:24 OMG you just shot my head! 

djseanb says:

Explain to me again how your a dj without turn tables?

Morgan Pal says:

What is the track he uses for the drop in the alive/Language mashup?

TheWeekendWar says:

“Since when is stealing music, and then torturing it, considered being a DJ”
Since the 1940’s, also, music doesn’t have a nervous system making
torturing it impossible.

“Anyone can DJ now” –
Not everyone can open for Paul Oakenfold in Vegas at 14 and land a spot on
a TV show at 17 all after being homeless.

“He needs turntables or he’s not a real dj”-
The same way you need a rotary phone to make a real phone call, as opposed
to a modern dynamic mobile phone?

“Must be nice to have $7,000 worth of equipment at 17”-
He worked for all of it, you could too.

“Real musicians write their own music”-
Cole does write his own music, that’s what the word “producer” means. Look
up “lie to me” by Cole Plante.

“That drop was weak, don’t play animals”- It’s a TED talk not an EDC talk. 

Kowan Ho says:

the lack of enthusiasm in the audience is a little funny

SymbolX says:

I don’t see what he is doing except playing pre-made tracks and messing
with the sound… It would probably sound better if he simply played the
tracks without messing so much with them.

Rachit Ahuja says:

it helped me a lot 

Mike Castillo says:

This kid is Great! DJing has always been about talent and this is not
easy. The ppl saying it’s easy don’t know anything about it. DJ Jazzy Jeff
is a world renowned DJ and he uses digital now too.

xuno101 says:

No matter if you like this style or not he’s doing a great job at it!

James Culverhouse says:

What program is he using

Kuszh says:

It’s hard for me to take DJ’s and “EDM” live performers seriously. Compared
to musicians who actually play instruments and don’t paint in/automate the
notes and chords they create, this seems far less complicated.

I have minor experience in live DJ’ing as well as live band music (playing
guitar) and the difference I experienced is pretty huge. There’s a lot to
fall back on if you mess up while DJing, the pressure is greater when
playing a live instrument.

If you know how to beat sync, chop up stuff, use filters, etc, it seems to
me that you can be like 80% of live DJ’s out there. Is there anything
beyond that? Are there skills that take some actual work? I’ll admit I’m
ignorant of the more advanced stuff.

ElleonOnline says:

Are those actual remixes of his that he’s released? Or were they just made
for Ted?
Because seriously, I love all of the remixes he just did :D

TED-Ed says:
prodi-g Segar says:

Cole is amazing hes on wolf watch hes a dj this guys got talent


What’s the song he mixes with black skinhead at the start and the song from
the drop at 3:45? Thanks!!

Rachit Ahuja says:

what’s the track mixed with black skin heads

Steve Collins says:

Ayyye he dj’d for my grad nite yesterday @ disneyland

pjayy96 says:

this helped me alot thank you :)

ayoErikk . says:

Killed it @9:17

Trilla Boy Beatz says:

What about music producing? Like making tracks and so on.

Dani V says:

Dammmn just seen him live in Montreal! Fkn amazing!! Great job Cole Plante,
keep it up!

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