How to be a DJ: Female DJ, DeeJay Shelly’s Playlist Tip #6 Gain Experience.

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http// This is Female DJ, DeeJay Shelly’s, Black & White Series on how to create a great playlist. Knowing what song to put on your playlist next may not always be in black and white. In this video series for beginner DJs (or anyDJ) I want to share with you 15 tips I’ve learned in my 15 years experience as a DJ on how to create a great playlist.

Playlist Tip #6: Gain Experience.

The best way to learn how to make a great playlist and read a crowd is to gain experience. Practice makes perfect. Approach each job as if it’s a learning experience. If you feel your playlist wasn’t great at your last job, think about what you could have done – or played – different. Try new things out. Don’t get discouraged if you feel your playlist wasn’t a hit. Keep trying until you get it right! You will!

Over the next few weeks I’ll post 15 different short video Quick Tips to help you create a great playlist so you can be a better DJ!

I hope you can take away at least a few ideas, if not 15, to help you along your DJ career. If there’s any other topics you’d like me to cover please post below. Thanks for watching! – DeeJay Shelly.


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