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Close Wireless Mic Quick Tip. If you are providing a microphone for an outside wedding ceremony make sure you use a mic screen, or cover, to prevent your mic from picking up any wind noise – making the experience uncomfortable for guests.

Julie says she’s seen people do a lot more “weirder” things in public! Thanks Julie! We were referring to the fact of taking random videos in public for my YouTube Channel. For a lot of people speaking in front of a large group of people is frightening. I’m very fortunate, I’ve never had the fear of public speaking. I’ve been speaking in front of large groups of people since I was 12, or younger. I will have to admit, speaking when people expect you to speak is one thing (church, weddings, parties, etc..) speaking on a mic in random areas with people not expecting a “speaker” is a little different. I had to get over the “Weirdness”. Otherwise how else would I be able to show you how you can BE A DJ too!

The other day I was at “RACE Street Pier” (not Ray) in Philadelphia, PA. I was meeting with Julie and Andrew who are getting married there on October 25, 2014!!! YEY!! Why were we there the other day if they aren’t getting married for two weeks? They asked me to not only DJ their reception but their ceremony as well. Since it their ceremony is being held at the pier they were concerned about two things; one, needing a microphone so their guests could hear them and two, would the mic pick up the wind if it was a windy day.

Now, I always use a mic screen or cover when I provide a cordless mic for ceremonies outside. However, when I got an email saying the pier can get “VERY WINDY” I’ll have to say, I got a little concerned. So, like any good DJ would do, I decided to meet the couple at the pier to test out my nifty little wind cover. If you’re ever asked to DJ an outside event where you need to supply a mic, it’s always a good idea to use a wind screen or cover. This way you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable howling wind noises. I really would’ve liked a “windy-er” day to have done the test. Yet, I still think my wind cover guy will do the trick. Stay tuned…. We’re going to video the wedding ceremony so we’ll let you know how it turns out!

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