How to Beatgrid and Use Sync Properly in Serato DJ

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Whether you use sync or not when DJing, understanding beatgridding is an integral step for setting hot cues and autoloops. Chris Brackley explores the basics, along with demonstrating how to properly use Simple and Smart Sync in Serato DJ. Watch the lesson and head here for more info:


exostalker says:

You need tutorials on how to sync? are you serious? are you going to post
tutorials on how to have a unique taste in music and how to select tunes
which to play? This is basically just getting so easy, that robots can
replace these useless “””dj’s”””.
I’m glad that some underground parties will never die, we will have that
live ear beatmatching, maybe still from vinyl, and hearing slight human
errors in the mix. That’s what it’s all about.

Bryan Sierra says:

I just got serato dj today but I don’t know where to drag my second song so
I can mix? I’m so confused.

ZEPHYR Z says:

some djs use sync and they still suck lmao 

erratic_calm says:

For tracks that change tempo, I totally get the downbeat markers but this
is so fucking tedious for simple tracks that use a drum machine. The auto
grids in Traktor are perfect 99% of the time.

Nico Rodriguez says:

No talent in this game, Real DJs use 1200’s period

denoizer says:

Nice, but Traktor best “auto beatgrids”.

Tyler Cole says:

I don’t use sync but always beatgrid everything since it helps make the fx
and loops more accurate. This is a great video, thanks, I hadn’t figured
out how to grid transition tracks, nor did I know about the keyboard

Isaiah Furrow says:

Thanks for the video. I’m just getting to grips with Serato DJ and noticed
a few functions don’t work until you do the beatgridding. Yellow notice on
the bottom of the screen. This will be helpful as I add my tunes into
Serato, make up my crates, and do other preparations. Am I right in
assuming that the more advances sync in Serato is somewhat like snap and
quantize in Traktor? I never really paid much attention to how it worked
in Intro. I’m teaching myself manual beatmatching as part of my practice
and have never used sync for more than a tool to help get the tempo close
and allow myself time for other stuff. Picked up on nudging right away,
by not having my timing down on drops… 🙂 In this kind of usage,
would I be better just using simple sync rather than smart sync. Still
going to apply the beatgrids so that I can use the other features that are
tied in with that. Any input would be welcomed, thanks again for the sync
tutorial… 🙂 Keep shining.

Tko says:

does sync feature work in sl1?

Nikoll Nikolli says:

hi! i wona know can work serato dj in computer without controller?

Uri Dalal says:

Chris you’re the fucking best, mate i can’t tolerate anyone else’s
tutorials you always tell me exactly what I want to know

Cliff Lind says:

Very informative. Well explained and great song to use for training purpose
with the complex beat grid since it has 2 different BPM’s.

TheMistahTee says:

What version of Serato is this pls

MrPainseeker says:

So I bought a DDM 4000 from this professional DJ who started DJing with
traktor. I asked him the same question I’ve asked other DJs in and around
the city. Is sync really that bad? They say no. In fact a lot of the newer
DJs actually got their basics like structure, EQ, mixing in/out (other than
beatmatching) down a lot faster in traktor using sync, taking time off
later to learn beatmatching separately. Maybe it shortens the learning
curve by a significant margin? Personally learning beatmatching sucked. I
always thought why do I need to learn this when I can try other stuff while
traktor takes care of that for me. Nevertheless its a skill, so I learnt
it. No offense to the big daddies of DJing, just saying.

Mark Smith says:

Some Dj’s use sync to make their job easier and walk away with £200 a
night, 3 nights a week like me. 17 years DJing Vinyl, CD and laptop on my CV

Sync is for work, Syncs off when playing stuff i actually like at home

Neither is right or wrong just convenient

Γιάννης Σαρτζετάκης says:

Hi…if i use a lot of RED MARKERS …means use more RAM or CPU?

Bass Nova says:

anyone have any idea why my serato cant find anyone of my iTunes songs or
even VTdj? all the songs play fine in iTunes but no where else. They all
say error. I did hit the change iTunes media folder and that’s when it
happened. I just don’t understand how to make them work again?

DJ TechTools says:

No one says you have to use sync when DJing, but if you’re going to, there
are some basics to understand—including beatgridding, which has all sorts
of non-sync applications. Check out the video to learn more.

Sopey Sope says:

They should make videos on how to properly use the Slicer, Loop Roll etc.

djmrtwist says:

do it by ear way more accurate

oele says:

using transition tracks? to change bpm??
im a serato user and got bored after 1 min..

DJmicaiah says:

can you show this transition song that you synced in a demonstration synced
with your controller transitioning from another song?

Oscar lopez says:

What fj software u recoment more to used with a numark mixdeck ?

RogerEffeDj says:

Well… i will probably look dumb… but, after watching this, i really
think that is a lot more easier to beatmatch tracks by ear 0_0
I still don’t understand how to use the sync xD

Vita-min G says:

beat grids are a great feature in traktor, serato’s attempt is weak, and
long winded. Beat grids are a good tool, if you want to warp the structure
of a track, say for beat juggling etc. i used serato for yrs, but have been
using traktor for a few yrs, now. i can honestly say, it’s a far better
program. The beat grid system is much more efficient, less time consuming
etc.. As far as sync goes, it’s a great feature if you’re looking to add
loops/samples over the top of your mix. However, traktor’s remix decks are
way more advanced than, serato’s SP6. There’s no argument to be had about
sync, as all serato users line up the soundwaves, hence the term serato

Junior Alvarez says:

very nice explanation about the beatgrid

steve odessa says:

No smart sync for dvs yet. All sync has added it more work for the Dj. I
would like to have sp-6 sync to use like a remix deck but other than that I
will continue to mix by ear. It has worked for me since the 90’s. 

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